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Balcony Vastu

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Balcony Vastu

A balcony is a platform that projects from the wall of the building and is blocked through several balcony railings. A balcony or patio is generally attached to a living room or bedrooms. However, it can also stand as an independent entity. Having an ideal Vastu for balcony is extremely important in our lives. Not everyone’s house is perfect, and we understand that. But having a balcony as per Vastu is a need. Before we explain the different vastu remedies for balcony, let’s understand the “why”.

Why Is Vastu For Balcony Important In Our Everyday Lives?

A balcony is often used for relaxing, sitting, and unwinding purposes. A balcony may or may not have a roof. The increase in the trend of living in apartment buildings with balconies has overtaken the place of courtyards. Moreover, balconies shelter us from rain, direct sunlight, and storm. Balconies act as a gathering spot for families to spend time together and make the most of their lives.

The benefits of following Vastu principles are endless. It’s not just the things or activities we can do. But it’s also about how we feel when we enter a balcony. The breeze on our face or the sunset that we gaze at, it’s truly marvellous. For all this to take place, conducting Vastu for balcony is the need of the hour. Yes, you heard that right!

Not having a Vastu compliant balcony can affect the positive vibes of your home. No, we aren’t exaggerating! Some negative influences or consequences can affect our well being. This is where the role of Vastu comes in, and Vedicology teaches it. Vedicology has a strong market presence in this field for ages and decades.

Handy Vastu Tips And Vastu Remedies For Balcony

Now that we are all aware of the importance of Vastu shastra. We must now understand what a is a balcony as per vastu. It is essential to position a balcony in a way where it can activate the most productive energy. And this process occurs with the help of Vedicology Vastu Consultants. Following are some tips that can help you position as per Vastu for balcony. Here are some Vastu guidelines to consider while designing a Balcony.

Location of a Balcony As Per Vastu:

  • Make sure you construct the balcony in the Eastern or the Northern part of the house as per Vastu principles.
  • The ideal position for a balcony in North and East, where there is constant sunlight from morning to evening.
  • The Western and the Southern sides are too hot to sit and hence always try to avoid them.
  • Avoid constructing a balcony on the Southern or the Western side of the main building as recommended via Vedicology.

Furniture Arrangements And Other Display Items In A Balcony Vastu:

  • Place the heavy furniture and seating in the South-West, Southern, or Western corner of the balcony as per Vastu.
  • Keep the swing in the East-West axis so that the sun does not directly hit the face of a person.
  • According to the Vastu for balcony, a person facing the North or South direction while sitting on a swing is considered auspicious.
  • Place the small plants on the North-East side of the balcony as they need sunlight to thrive. The East and North direction will provide constant sunlight to the plants.
  • Try to keep the small flower pots on the balcony. Avoid keeping huge ones. One should avoid keeping flower pots with creepers on the balcony as per Vastu.
  • Big flower pots and pots with creepers tend to obstruct light in the balcony. Hence, it is not a very wise decision as per Vastu principles.

The Roof Positioning Of A Balcony:

  • Try maintaining the height of the balcony roof lower than that of the roof of the main building. This will give a proportionate look to the balcony in comparison to the main building. These are true Vastu remedies for balcony.
  • Do not use asbestos or tin for the roof of a balcony as per Vastu. They absorb and trap heat within a space, making it uncomfortably hot for the users.

The Lifetime Advantage Of Following Vastu For Balcony:

Consultation from Vedicology involves a comprehensive analysis. This is a thorough analysis of the balcony and takes into account various parameters. The following are the factors and pointers:

  • We identify the proper location of the balcony in the house as per Vastu remedies for balcony.
  • We can advise you the direction of the balcony in the house.
  • The placement of the balcony if needed in the living room, drawing room, etc.
  • The direction and placement of the almirah and other storage items if needed in the balcony.
  • Furniture, decor items, and other fancy items for display in the balcony.
  • We can suggest the entire colour scheme and a combination of the balcony.

Tons of problems would vanish away with the Vastu remedies for balcony. The factors listed above are easy to follow. They are supported via the ancient science of architecture and makes perfect sense. Hence there is no reason that you should avoid or ignore adherence to the same.

Vastu is an age-old practice and aims to provide the inhabitants of a home with a peaceful existence. The team at Vedicology can advise you on various aspects of Vastu. All you have to do is approach the nearest consultant near you and kickstart your journey. You will get endless vastu remedies for balcony, and indeed your life will turn around for the better. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your consultation now.

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