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Basement Vastu

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Basement Vastu

The basement is a popular concept in this evolving modern era. Almost every house today has some storage place in their home. Mainly, one builds a basement for storage or parking purposes. However, there are times when such a place is also used to play indoor games or spend some quality time with each other. But building one under the house is not a bright idea. Hence, if you ever have to curate one, do it according to the Vastu for basement in house. Before we try to understand the basement Vastu Shastra’s intricacies, let’s first know about its need. Let’s also see why is it essential in our everyday lives.

Why Is Basement Vastu Shastra Necessary?

Generally, lower room or space or empty space under the house is inauspicious as per the books. However seeing the requirement of people, basement if made in house, one should follow basement Vastu. One cannot use it for living or sleeping purpose because it may not bring the calming and soothing effect in your house. This positive vibe or impact only happens when you follow the rules and regulations of basement Vastu shastra.

This place compliments with the basic rules of Vastu basement which one must follow to discard negativity in the house. Believe it or not, following them will bombard you with so much feeling the right vibe. You will surely feel like it’s a home with the aura, ambience, and overall house atmosphere. Therefore, the benefits of Vastu basement are indeed beautiful.

Vastu for basement in house is truly a gamechanger for your individual lives as well. Vastu can help the members of the family live a comfortable and peaceful life. It also helps in generating more business for the family. Not only this, but it also assists in gaining more wealth and opportunities in life. Therefore, applying such wisdom in building a basement is quite fruit-bearing. Simultaneously it is also very essential to obtain the maximum benefits via basement Vastu shastra. Hence there is no reason that you should avoid or ignore the basement Vastu shastra. So make sure you add it to your to-do list today itself.

Some Basement Vastu Rules To Follow

As you all have understood the importance of implementing Vastu for your respective basement, it’s time to know how to do it. The following are the details with regards to Vastu for basement in house. They are put and explained in easy terms for you to understand better. They are:

  • Primarily one should build the basement in the Northern or Eastern direction of the house. Because according to Vastu principles, one must ensure more space in the East and North than the South or West.
  • The basement’s whole purpose should either remain for storage or other things rather than living or any other recreational purpose.
  • Place all the junk stuff, including heavy types of equipment in the Southern and the Western direction.
  • While doing this make sure the shape of the basement is regular, i.e. square or rectangle. This will ensure infinite harmony in the house.
  • An ill shape basement Vastu Shastra can cause inevitable losses and hinder the health of people. Hence make sure you don’t compromise here.
  • Always make efforts to implement about ¼ area of the basement above the ground. This is a vital factor concerning Vastu for basement in the house.
  • One should always take care of the height of the basement. Try to keep it at least over 9 feet in total.
  • Remember to not place the heavy stuff in the Northern or the Eastern part of the basement.
  • Paint your basement with only light and subtle colours, and you will start to assist in emitting good vibrations in this area. Try and avoid dark tints as it is not favourable.
  • The staircase that leads to the basement should exist well built and not broken. Also, avoid making the stairs on the North-Eastern side. Instead, it is profitable to build it in the South-Western corner.

Vastu For Basement In House Will Bombard You With Added Happiness:

Consultation of the basement Vastu from Vedicology involves a comprehensive analysis. This is a thorough analysis of the basement of your respective house. Hence it is custom-made and exactly as per the requirements of the customers. The following are the factors and pointers:

  • Proper location of the basement as per Vastu basement in your house.
  • The direction of the basement in the house.
  • The direction and placement of the almirah and other storage items if needed in the basement according to Vastu for basement in house.
  • The ideal height and width of the basement and ensuring one maintains it well.
  • Furniture, decor items, and other fancy items for display in the basement.
  • The entire colour schematic and colour combination of the basement.

Believe it or not, all your petty problems would vanish away if you follow Vastu basement. Yes, the Vastu as mentioned earlier remedies or basement Vastu shastra are indeed timeless. You can even ask your friends, colleagues, or senior relatives, and all of them will agree to this age-old concept. This may sound tedious and hectic, but it is not.

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