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 Car Parking Vastu

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 Car Parking Vastu

Carparking Vastu is important since almost everyone owns a car today. However, along with owning a vehicle, the aspect of having a parking area for them is equally important. Carparking as per vastu is one thing that we all need to and must conduct in our houses. We must pay attention to car parking vastu if we want our vehicles to remain safe. Let us now explore in detail how Vastu Shastra can help with regards to car parking vastu and garage.

Why Is Vastu For Carparking Important?

A parking area is significant since its more of a need rather than a luxury. This also prevents theft; you incur low maintenance and have a long life. But this only comes to you when you plan your car parking as per Vastu.

Carrying out Vastu for garage or Vastu for car parking in house is an age-old practice. It brings in better efficiency and guarantees a long life for the vehicle. The garage, as well as the parking, should align with the Vastu principles. This avoids any unnecessary expenses.

A Vastu consultant from Vedicology can help you plan your car parking as per Vastu. They would identify any unforeseen adverse situation that may arise. They would also give tips for car parking Vastu. Yes, you heard that right! Now let’s dive right into the nitty-gritty of Vastu for carparking in house.

Vital Tips To Look Forward To Concerning Vastu For Garage

Garage Vastu tips or Vastu for garage guidelines and suggestions are given below.

Location Of Vastu For Garage:

  • The garage location is one of the first considerations you need to make before you begin garage vastu.
  • The garage should remain in the South-East or the North-West direction of the house.
  • If the car is in the West of the North-West side of the garage, prepare yourself to undergo a lot of travelling.
  • Always remember never to locate the garage in the North-East direction. It is a strict no-no according to car parking vastu. This direction is the access point for heavenly forces, a car parked herein would obstruct the forces. However, if you have the garage in the basement, parking in the North-East area is permissible.
  • Having a garage in the South-West direction leads to significantly less usage of the vehicle and more repairs.
  • Make sure that the garage doesn’t touch the boundary wall of the building. These instructions are included as per garage vastu.
  • At the parking time, always park your car with its front portion facing the North or East. This would ensure that the car would never get overheated.
  • In case you park your car facing the south or west side, chances are that your vehicle might face fire hazards. These instructions make a part of the garage vastu.

Design And Color Scheme As Per Garage Vastu:

  • When designing a garage, make sure there are at least three feet of walking space left inside. Car parking Vastu advises checking this after parking the car every time. This will ensure free movement of the air and the light in your garage.
  • The entrance of the garage should be in the North or East direction.
  • Keep the height of the garage’s entrance less than the main gate of the house according to Vastu for garage.
  • Never store trash or inflammable material inside a garage.
  • Paint the garage wall colours white, cream, yellow or something light. Avoid using any dark or vibrant colours.
  • Always try to keep the garage floor sloping towards the East or the North direction. This is auspicious from the Vastu for car parking point of view.

Essential Tips To Consider Regarding Vastu For Carparking In House:

Carparking as per Vastu is a must for everyone’s house. And the earlier you carry it out in your lives, the better it is. To get detailed information about car parking as per vastu, read through the following tips and guidelines given below:

  • When parking, always park the vehicle with its front-facing in the East or the North direction.
  • This will guarantee that the vehicle would require the least maintenance and repair.
  • Parking the car in the North-East direction is not right according to Vastu for car parking in house.
  • Since the North-East direction is deemed as the access point for divine forces, a car parked herein would block these forces.
  • However, if the garage is in the basement, parking in the North-East area is termed okay.
  • Park your car facing in the West or the North-West directions as then the owner will spend a long time travelling.
  • Never park a car facing in the Southside according to Vastu for carparking in house. If one is parking the car facing the West or the Southside, the vehicle will face fire hazards.
  • If a car is parked in the South-Western corner, it will require repair work consistently. This is according to car parking as per Vastu.

Vastu For Garage And Vastu For Carparking

When we conduct Vastu, we have to take care of the following points regarding Vastu for carparking. The Vastu consultation of a garage involves a thorough analysis of the following pointers:

  • Proper location of the garage in the house
  • Ideal directions of the carparking as per Vastu.
  • An ideal location for the carparking of a house.
  • The direction and proper placement of the car in the garage.
  • The appropriate direction for the car to face when lying unused according to car parking Vastu.
  • The apt lighting is a must in the garage or the car parking: the colour scheme and combination of the area.
  • Other things to keep in the car parking room according to Vastu tips.

You need to make sure that it benefits them for whom the garage is built. Isn’t it? Well, it is indeed significant that you study the Vastu for carparking in house. When you learn the intricacies of car parking as per vastu, your experience with vehicles will be much better.

If you alone do not possess that much time or knowledge, don’t feel shy to seek help. Take external help from Vedicology Consultants to guide you about car parking as per Vastu. There are rules for furniture, lighting, directions, location, etc. And one must follow them in the most optimum manner.  Make sure you do not delay the process of car parking Vastu. Don’t even ignore this because it is an integral part of the house. Approach Vastu Consultants nearest to you and take your first step today.

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