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Children Room Vastu

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Children Room Vastu

We all are aware of the fact that the children’s room is the place for growth, fun, education, play, and much craziness. This is one of the first places where every parent sees their child progress in every sphere of life. Therefore, the children room vastu is an integral part of the house. Before we understand the technicalities of a children’s room according to vastu, firstly, let’s know the importance of a children’s room.

Why Is Vastu For Children’s Room Important?

The Children’s room is a hub of recreation, fun, and frolic. However, necessary vastu compliance of this room is essential to make your child an all-rounder. Vastu complaint room or having a children’s room as per vastu ensures there’s maximum efficiency in the functioning of the children’s room.

Children’s room as per vastu suggests placing everything at its proper location according to the corresponding direction. Yes, you heard that, right! This may sound tedious at once, but designing and placement a one-time activity to conduct.

At the same time, child room vastu needs care while placing the things at proper locations. This ensures that a festive atmosphere is created, which results in positive and creative thinking as well as good health. Having your child room as per vastu is extremely helpful. Proper placement of things will inspire positive thinking in children’s minds to work harder and remain cheerful.

If one does not have a Vastu compliant house or children’s room according to vastu, then it is tough to tap the complete positivity of the house for the benefit of the child. These are the repercussions that take place in a house due to Vastu defects. These things even affect children’s behaviour and their overall mind. Well, improper placement of objects and elements can create hypersensitivity or hyperactivity. This can also generate sluggishness and procrastination. Designing your child room as per Vastu rules and regulations can perhaps give you positive results making your child obedient and progressive.

Essential Tips For Child Room Vastu:

Curating and designing their children’s room is a huge responsibility for parents. It’s also a massive deal for architects and builders. Because creating children room vastu is also an emotional journey. And before you embark upon it, make sure you make the children’s study room as per vastu. Experts from Vedicology can also guide you here beautifully. You need to thoroughly map out the vastu for children’s room as well. Some of the essential tips are the following:

Direction Of The Child Room Vastu:

    • The best direction to have a children’s room According To Vastu is the West direction.
    • However, in case the west direction doesn’t work out, then the second-best direction is the North and East direction. Always strive to try for the west direction for child room vastu.

Bed Placement In The Children’s Room According To Vastu:

    • In a kid’s room, ideal bed placement is towards the South-West corner as per child room vastu.
    • Place the bed in such a way that your child has his or her head facing the East or South direction while sleeping.
    • Make sure that the bed does not face directly towards the entrance of the room

Doors, Windows And The Mirror In Child Room As Per Vastu:

    • Make sure that you do not place the mirror on the opposite side of the bed. Avoiding any exposed mirror is vital as per children room vastu.
    • Also, the window as per child room vastu should be placed in the North or East direction ideally.
    • The door of the children’s bedroom or children’s study room as per vastu should be in the North or East direction. Also, it should have one shutter only.

Furniture And Other Storage As Per Vastu For Children’s Room:

    • Place all the furniture at least 3 inches away from the walls. These details will ensure vastu for children’s room is maintained.
    • Always avoid having the furniture attached to the wall, since this will obstruct the flow of positive energy in the children’s study room as per vastu.
    • The Almirahs or similar storage units should be kept in the South or West direction.

Electronic Gadgets And Other Accessories For Children Room Vastu:

    • Ideally, it is always better to avoid placing electronic gadgets like TV, computer in the kid’s bedroom or the child room as per vastu. It is considered a huge distraction for children.
    • However, in today’s scenario era, such gadgets are a necessity. Therefore, the computers can be placed in the North and TV in the South-East direction.
    • But always try to keep the centre of the room empty as per children room vastu.

Study Table Placement And Lighting As Per Children Room Vastu:

    • In the children’s study room as per vastu, the study table should face the East, North, or North-east direction.
    • The study area should always be clutter-free to boost concentration and the attention span of the child.
    • Also, a clutter-free ambience is always good for generating new ideas and brainstorming. These ideas are prescribed as per vastu for children’s room.
    • Harsh lights, as well as spotlights, should never be used in the kids’ room. According to Children room vastu, they tend to create mental strain.

Colour Combination For A Children Room Vastu:

    • One can put in many bright colours for a child room as per vastu however following the ones specified by Vedicology expert is always fruitful down the lane.
    • Green colour is the best for kids’ room or children’s room according to vastu as it is associated with freshness and peace. It also increases one’s brainpower.

The Lifetime Advantage Of Following Children Room Vastu:

Vastu consultation of child room vastu from Vedicology involves a thorough analysis of the following factors and pointers:

    • Proper location of the child bedroom in the house
    • The direction of the entrance to the child’s room
    • The direction and placement of the windows, doors.
    • Direction and placement of the bed
    • Placement of the study table in the room.
    • The direction and placement of the almirah and other storage items.
    • Placement and arrangement of the dressing table.
    • Overall arrangements of TV, AC, audio systems, and other types of visual equipment.
    • The direction and placement of the telephone, just in case.
    • The entire color scheme of the children room vastu.

It is always beneficial to design the interiors of the child’s room as per Vastu to avoid vastu defects. This can ensure that the child’s place turns to be an extremely positive space. Yes, you heard that, right! The tips mentioned above for children’s study room as per vastu will help you create a joyous atmosphere and also attract prosperity and luck.

Let’s face the truth: the children’s room is an essential part of the house. No parent would want to compromise here. Hence, vastu for children’s room professionals would surely be of great help here. They are experts who have in-depth knowledge and have done immense research on it. Having children’s room, according to vastu, is genuinely one of the best gifts you can give to them. You can accomplish this with the help of Vedicology. All you have to do is approach a consultant near you, that’s it!

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