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Dining Room Vastu

Dining room Vastu is significant

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Dining Room Vastu

Dining room Vastu is significant. The dining room not only provides a place for residents to receive nourishment; it also acts as a place for family members to gather together and have social interactions. Apart from the nutritional benefits of foods and fluids, eating also provides comfort and a sense of self. Well, there can be several different looks to a dining hall- traditional, glamorous, romantic, or modern. Before we go straight right into the technicalities of Vastu, let’s understand the importance of a dining table or a dining room as per vastu.

Why Is Dining Room Vastu Very Important?

As mentioned earlier, the dining room is an integral part of anyone’s house. It is the place where people sit with their family to eat various meals. No matter how challenging their respective days have been, it is at this table where everyone sits together and shares the joy. People also chat and maintain connections while eating together. Can you imagine any other place in your home where you have so much of your interactions in today’s fast-paced world?

Well, after the kitchen, the dining room can be indeed called the centre of family health. The dining room is one opportunity, or you could call it one place where the whole family comes together. Not only this, but they also have multiple meals of the day together. Therefore, having the dining room as per vastu is extremely important. The dining room should be well designed, comfortable, and the dining room as per Vastu rules. Believe it or not, but the dining table or the room does create lots of positive and healthy vibrations.

Dining room Vastu consultant from Vedicology would be the man of the match here. He or she would identify any unforeseen adverse situation that may arise. They would also give vastu tips for dining room. Yes, you heard that, right! A Vastu consultant ensures that you place the various elements of the dining room colour as per vastu. Now let’s dive right into the nitty-gritty of dining room vastu.

Vastu Tips For Dining Room

Before you embark on your journey into creating the most comfortable and cosy dining room, you need to map out the dining room vastu as well. Some of the essential tips are compiled below. They are in accordance with the different categories that follow:

Location of the Dining room:

    • The Dining room should be in the West direction. One should not compromise here since it is the best direction meant for it.
    • Well, if you cannot make it in the west, then the second-best directions are North and East directions for the dining room as per vastu.
    • The dining room should always be located on the same floor, where the kitchen is. Having them on different floors of the house isn’t considered auspicious.
    • Also having the dining room next to the toilet is not at all advisable. Even the experts would vouch for this fact.
    • The Pooja room or the toilet door must not open right in front of the dining area or the dining room as per vastu.
    • The entrance of the dining room should be on the East, North, or the West side of the room.
    • Make sure that the main door of the house and the Dining room do not face each other. This is an essential component of the Vastu tips for dining room.

Placement of Dining Dining Table:

    • The dining table or its chairs should not touch the wall. There should always be some gap between the table and the wall.
    • Vastu colours for dining room and the dining table should ideally be in the centre of the room, away from the walls.
    • Never place the dining table under a beam, or under a loft, always remember this.
    • You can even place the dining table towards the South-West corner of the dining area, but make sure that the dining table doesn’t touch the wall.
    • The dining table should not be visible through the main door or entrance. These are following the vastu colours for dining room.
    • The doors should ideally be in any direction except the South direction. Also, the windows should ideally be on the north or east side as per vastu colours for dining room.

Sitting Arrangement:

    • The Dining table should have an even number of chairs i.e. two, four, six, or eight. An odd number of chairs is considered inauspicious and one hence one must avoid it.
    • The dining table in the dining room as per vastu should be of square or rectangle shape only. Other shapes such as oval, round, or others should be avoided as they are considered inauspicious.
    • While eating food on a dining table, the head of the family should face the East direction. Other family members can face East, North, or West direction.
    • Also, no one in the family should face south while eating, as it causes small disputes amongst family members. These facts regarding sitting arrangements are aligned with dining room vastu.

Mirror, Furniture, And Other Accessories:

    • Always try to put the mirror on the Eastern wall of the dining room as per vastu. This will ensure that it reflects food and brings prosperity to the house.
    • One should make sure that the furniture in the dining room does not overshadow the dining table. Doing this could affect the family’s prosperity, and hence one should take care of this.
    • Ideally, it is always better to not have the TV in the dining room. This will help to keep the focus on food and interact with the people around.
    • Paintings or posters of appetizers can be placed in the dining room as per vastu.
    • Even nature paintings in the dining room would make the atmosphere pleasant and happy.
    • Beautiful paintings and portraits hung inside the dining room create an atmosphere of pleasure and happiness as per vastu colours for dining room.

Electrical Appliances And Other Storage:

    • Place the washbasin in the North or East or North-East direction. However, make sure it is not kept in the South-East or North-West.
    • Electrical appliances like fridge, microwave, television, radio, etc, should be in South-East direction of the dining room colour as per vastu.
    • One can place an almirah for storage of crockery and utensils in the South or West wall of the dining room. These are crucial vastu tips for dining room for storage of different kinds of items.

Colour Schematics:

    • Having vastu colours for a dining room is extremely important for any dining room or dining table.
    • Pink, orange, yellow, cream, light blue, or light green colours can be used as vastu colours for dining room.
    • Also, avoid using black and white vastu colours for dining room as they aren’t very auspicious or recommended by the experts.
    • Vastu colours for dining room suggest that the colour of the dining room walls must be Light green, Orange, Cream or light pink.

Display Items:

    • Displaying medicines on the dining table is considered inauspicious as per dining room vastu.
    • Always display fresh fruits on the dining table, since it is considered a great omen. One can even use fresh flowers for their respective dining table.
    • Sharp utensils such as knives and scissors should be kept covered all the time. Keeping them in the open can give rise to unpleasant relationships and no one would want that.
    • Pickles should be kept in a covered place because an open display of the pickles in the dining room vastu can create sourness in relationships.
    • As per vastu colours for dining room, the lighting in the room must be relaxed and easy. Because at the end of a hectic day, a family while eating food should always be relaxed, happy, and stress-free.

The Added Advantage of Designing Dining Room As Per Vastu

If the interiors of the dining area or the dining room are not designed as per vastu tips for dining room, then your imperfect space will transform into a depressing, bad-luck creator. Yes, you heard that right! The above-mentioned tips for dining room colour as per vastu will help you create an atmosphere which is not only perfect for meals but also for attracting prosperity and luck.

Believe it or not, but the dining room is an important part of the house. It is a place where all sorts of energies prevail. Hence, vastu colours for dining room professionals would surely be of great help here. They would identify the loopholes here and it is just a one-time activity. By carrying this out, they would genuinely make your life happier and better with their assistance. All you have to do is approach Vedicology and get the dining room colour as per vastu.

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