Indian Vastu Shastra Pooja Room Vastu 

Pooja Room Vastu 

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Pooja Room Vastu

Pooja room vastu is significant because we consider our home divine. Our home is a temple, and we make the puja room a place of sanctity for worship. Puja room vastu assumes importance because in modern days pooja room is a place for inner reflection, meditation and prayers. A prayer area needs to be a place of high vibrations bringing instant peace and stillness. Hence Vedicology Vastu Shastra consultants elaborate on the piety of the puja room along with placement of the idols and hygiene as per puja room vastu.

Pooja Room Direction as per Vastu

Pooja Room direction as per vastu shastra requires an overall analysis of the home plan. The best vastu consultant in India will conduct a detailed analysis of your home vastu plan. Checks on directional, panchabhoota and mandala alignments can be used to ensure home vastu compliance. Good pooja room vastu depends on all the points mentioned above.

Vastu consultant in Chennai explains that an integral and vital element of most houses in the Puja Room. However, if its positioning isn’t appropriate then the prayers will not yield the desired benefits. To be able to boost the energy, the puja room must be designed carefully in line with vastu principles. So far as you can, the Puja area should be in the North East of the home. North East is the direction which receives Sun’s rays which help purify the environment and bring positivity. Other preferable directions are the North or the East.

Which is the Best Direction for Pooja Room?

Pooja Room Vastu directions on a stand-alone basis are as given below:

  1. North East – Very Good
  2. East – Good
  3. North – Good
  4. South East – Moderate
  5. South West – Moderate
  6. North West – Moderate
  7. West – Moderate
  8. South – Avoidable
  9. Brahmashtanam – Avoidable

Pooja Room as per Vastu – Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

Puja room as per vastu can include the points mentioned below:

1. Facing Direction of Idols

Pooja room vastu suggests that Idols or statues can face west, and the person praying could face east.

2. Pictures of Ancestors in the Puja Room

Puja room vastu suggests that pictures or images of ancestors have no place in the puja room. Photos of diseased individuals have no place in the place of worship.

3. Pooja Room Platform

Pooja room as per vastu suggests that the mandir or platform should be placed on a higher place or elevation, not on the floor. Idols of god or images of deities could be on a wooden platform.

4. Seating inside your Place of Worship

Pooja room vastu recommends that you can sit on natural grass mats or even cloth carpets inside the place of worship. It is advisable to sit on a natural grass mat.

5. Oil or Ghee Lamps in the Puja Room

Puja room as per vastu recommends that you always light a ghee or oil lamp or diya in the south-east corner. Please ensure that the lamp or diya never runs out of oil or ghee.

6. When to light a Diya in the Pooja Room?

Pooja room vastu suggests that you can light a lamp or diya during the three Sandhyas. The three sandhyas are morning during sunrise, noon and evening during sunset.  This practice usually is in sync with the Sandhya Vandanam tradition.

Positioning your Puja Room

  1. Puja room as per Vastu suggests that you do not position your place of worship, beneath the stairs, adjacent, opposite, below or above your bathroom.
  2. Pooja room as per Vastu suggests that your Puja room should not be in the bedroom or kitchen.
  3. Place of worship can be made out of natural substances like wood, stone, marble or granite.

Place of Worship is not a Storage Area

Pooja room vastu suggests that your place fo worship is not a storage area. Always keep your puja room clean and free from clutter.

Doors and Windows for Pooja Room

Puja room as per vastu requires doors and windows in the North, Northeast or East. Auspicious energies from the puja room should spread across the home, and hence good air circulation is necessary.

Vedicology Vastu Shastra for home tips reiterates that after all Cleanliness is next to Godliness. So keep your Pooja room clean.

Colours for your Place of Worship

According to Puja room vastu ideal colours of the puja room should be light.

Colours like white, soft shades of yellow, blue or violet are preferable. These colours do not distract while praying.

Vastu for Puja Room is Never Stand Alone

Vedicology vastu consultants can help you with any more doubts on Pooja room Vastu. Vastu for Puja room is never stand alone. The best Vastu consultant in India will give you his opinion on the directional, panchabhoota, mandala and energy alignment for your vastu for home. Remember Vastu for puja room  is very important for your overall well being.

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