Rahu Transit 2021 or Rahu Peyarchi 2021

Rahu spends around 18 months in each house. Hence Rahu transit 2021 or Rahu Peyarchi is an important astrological event. Planet Rahu increases your desires for material matters of the house where it is set in the charts.

Vedicology provides completely customised reports for each person on Rahu Transit. These reports are either given as part of the whole horoscope report or as an individual standalone report.

Rahu transit 2021 or Rahu Peyarchi effects are based on its transits into various houses. When Rahu transits into 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th house from where natal Moon is positioned, it could be malefic.  Here is how Rahu transit 2021 impacts your life whilst transiting through each home. Rahu transit is also known as Rahu Peyarchi in Tamil and Rahu Gochar in Hindi.

Rahu Transit 2020

Rahu Transit 2021 through various houses

Rahu is the most powerful enemy of Sun and Moon.

In fact, in analyzing planetary power, the only Graha that’s more powerful than the Sun is Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, due to his ability to absorb sunlight during a total solar eclipse.

1. Rahu moving into the 1st house

Rahu transit 2021 or Rahu Peyarchi effect on 1st house movement.

When Rahu moves into the first home from natal Moon at a birth chart, it brings a lot of challenges for the native. It promotes one's tendency to squander money. This Rahu transit can also increase the possibility of financial loss. Some health issues may keep you irritated emotionally. Also, the absence of peace of mind stays in life until Rahu is in this position. A sense of restlessness remains. Native ought to refrain from any shady activities too.

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2. Rahu transit into the 2nd house

Rahu Peyarchi or Rahu Gochar result on Rahu moving into the second house.

If Rahu transits to the second home from natal Moon, monetary issues increase on your life. Some disputes in wedded life also occur. Expenditure also occupies during this time. Something or another keeps you disturbed. You ought to keep your dietary habits in check during this period to maintain good health. Eyes also become vulnerable at this time. It would also be better to prevent any arguments in this age.

3. Rahu transit into the 3rd house

Rahu Gochar 2021 outcome for Rahu moving into the third house.

When Rahu moves to the third house from natal Moon, it attracts positive vibes back into life. Chances of marketing also exist. The native is blessed with a lot of financial gains and prosperity during this time. Your relationship with elephants also improves through this time. Your will power becomes stronger. The native earns fame and name in society with his own efforts. For salaried people, this period brings great odds of increment too.

4. Rahu transit into the 4th house

Rahu Peyarchi 2021 effects of Rahu moving into the fourth house.

Rahu's transit to 4th house from where natal Moon is set is an alarming time. You ought to be extra careful in matters involving land or property. This age might be filled with problems, which may affect your mental peace also. Your mother's health could suffer during this time. You need to be careful when driving as some trouble or accident from a vehicle is possible in this period. A relocation may happen for a few.

5. Rahu transit 2021 into the 5th house

Rahu Gochar 2021 results of Rahu travelling into the fifth house.

If Rahu transits into the fifth house from natal Moon, it brings a lot of psychological strain and grief to the indigenous. Something or another related to kids keeps you disturbed. This is a very promising phase for growth in earnings and business though. But at the exact same time, some problems prosper in to appreciate the life of the native. Due to growing confusion, you might stay emotionally distressed in this time.

6. Rahu transit 2021 into the 6th house

Rahu Peyarchi 2021 results of Rahu's journey into the sixth house.

When Rahu transits to the sixth house from natal Moon, then it raises your sources of wealth accumulation. You may also have gained in company matters. Property prices turn out well for the native. You get a lot of admiration and respect in your social circle. You could also profit from your maternal uncle in some way or the other.

7. Rahu transit 2021 into the 7th house

Rahu Gochar 2021 significance of Rahu moving into the seventh house.

Rahu transits into the seventh house, there could be some loss of riches. You need to be very cautious in matters involving cash. Married life also stays disturbed in this period due to recurrent disputes. Moreover, the health of a partner could also become a matter of concern. You own health can also dip a bit in this time. You might bump into someone of other religion or caste and produce a strong association.

8. Rahu transit into the 8th house

Rahu Peyarchi 2021 effects of Rahu moving into the eighth house.

It can create some challenges for the native such as physical ailments. You should be very careful and alert to health matters. The sexual disease is also possible so exercise caution. A lot of mental distress are there together with unnecessary fears. You might need to face humiliation so better not to indulge in any shady activities. Someone at work might try to drag down you so be watchful of any conspiracies against you. On a positive note, you can land some sudden gain or concealed treasure during this transit.

9. Rahu transit into the 9th house

Rahu Gochar results of Rahu's journey into the ninth house.

Rahu's move to the 9th home from natal Moon is also favourable for a native. You might go overseas during this period. This is also a promising time regarding higher education. You might feel driven towards spirituality. But this transit might not augur well for your parents. Loss of cash can also be feasible and you may become involved in shady activities. Try to avoid any sort of arguments or confrontations with coworkers to keep much better work relationships. Refrain from unnecessary talks too.

10. Rahu transit 2021 into the 10th house

Rahu Peyarchi 2021 results of Rahu's movement into the tenth house.

Having Rahu on your 10th home from natal Moon means you will likely experience growth in livelihood. Your status and professional image improve during this period. You may also get some fiscal benefits. Your connection with seniors and colleagues also remains cordial and mutually beneficial. However, you might feel mentally distressed because of a reason. Sleeplessness is another troubling result of the transit. Your mother's health may also suffer during this period so take care.

11. Rahu transit 2021 into the 11th house

Rahu Peyarchi 2021 outcome for Rahu's journey into the eleventh house.

When Rahu moves to the 11th house from natal Moon, it attracts a much better phase in your life. You could land some financial gains also. Your social standing and image at work improve considerably. This is a favourable period for earnings growth. You might find an opportunity to go overseas as well. Your national life also become calm. Your children might get married at this time. Your interest in faith also raises. In general, you like a fantastic status in this transit.

12. Rahu transit 2021 into the 12th house

Rahu Gochar 2021 results for Rahu's transit to the twelfth house.

The period following Rahu moves to 12th home from natal Moon is extremely positive for moving abroad. But this transit may not augur well for cash matters. Native may suffer from declines in business and hurdles in livelihood. Over-confidence can result in significant wrong moves in life. Regardless of the challenges, you need to make an effort and avoid any mental strain. The health of spouse could also downhill in this time.

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