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Vastu For Kitchen

Why Is Vastu for Kitchen So Important?

by vedicologyindia

Vastu For Kitchen

Before we dive straight into Vastu for kitchen, let’s understand the importance of a kitchen. There’s a famous saying which goes like, “A house is indeed incomplete without a kitchen” Isn’t it true? Well, the kitchen is an important place in the house as it produces food for all the family members. Hence following kitchen vastu is integral to a peaceful existence your new home. While Vedicology Vastu consultants can always assist you with Vastu for Kitchen this article can give you useful tips when you plan to redesign your kitchen.

Why Is Vastu for Kitchen So Important?

Kitchen is where one cooks food and prepares food from scratch. Hence kitchen vastu is directly or indirectly related to people’s nutrition, health, and overall fitness. It is also the place where one consumes much energy. Therefore, the kitchen plays as a primary contributing factor in general health and well-being. Likewise, it’s necessary to know the details about Vastu for kitchen.

Keeping in mind all these factors for kitchen vastu tips is very crucial for any house. An in-depth analysis is the need of the hour to ensure you choose the perfect place for your kitchen. And this is essentially carried out via trained professionals and experts. The art of kitchen vastu is an age-old practice and has much science behind it.

Kitchen Vastu consultant from Vedicology would turn out as a perfect match here. He or she would identify any unforeseen adverse situation that may arise in terms of a kitchen in vastu. Yes, you heard that, right! Such is the power of a kitchen in terms of Vastu and their kitchen vastu tips. Their detailed astrology ensures that you place the variables in the right direction. Now let’s dive right into the nitty-gritty of kitchen vastu.

Kitchen Vastu Tips

Before you embark on your journey into creating the most functional and aesthetic kitchen, you need to map out Vastu for kitchen as well. Some of the essential tips that must be considered for anyone’s kitchen are:

Kitchen Door And Kitchen Placement

    • First things first, the kitchen door must not be anywhere. It should be placed strategically in the North, West, or the East direction.
    • As per kitchen vastu, it is indeed ideal for making or fitting the kitchen in the South-East corner of your respective house.
    • The South-East direction refers to the term (agneya), which is holistically related to fire. This is in line with the whole concept of the kitchen in vastu
    • Therefore, one must place the kitchen on its corresponding place, i.e. South-east around the element “fire”.
    • It is better to avoid having the kitchen in the South-West direction as it may lead to tons of disturbance in the house. Eventually, this has the potential to hamper one’s peace.

Gas Stove And Tips For The Cook

    • If not the kitchen, then at least try to keep the cooking stove in the South-East direction because the South-East direction is also called Agneya Disha (i.e. fire) as per vastu for kitchen.
    • And the person who is doing the overall cooking food or doing other work should face in the East direction only.
    • While cooking food or preparing for any meal, the cook should not have his or her back towards the kitchen door. This is an important aspect, and hence this kitchen vastu tip for the benefit of readers.


    • For storing goods such as grains, pulses, spices, etc., you could ideally choose the South-West direction of the kitchen.
    • Make sure to keep in mind never to keep the gas stove below any beam. Always make it a point to notice that the gas stove is clean and well looked after.
    • One should always strive not to have overhead storage above the gas stove. Nor should the gas stove remain visible from the entrance of the house nor be next to the washroom.
    • If that is not possible then as per vastu of kitchen, the next most desirable or preferable direction for the kitchen is the North-West corner of the house.
    • The only drawback of using this North-West alternative is that it may increase one’s expenses. And this is a significant blow to one’s pocket as per vastu of kitchen.

Water Elements

    • The next important thing to take care of according to the kitchen in vastu is the water elements. Place them on the left side of the stove. The logic behind this is that fire and water are conflicting elements and hence naturally, they repel each other.
    • Always maintain the slope of the water flow from Southwest towards Northeast. Try to add these tiny little details as much as possible since Vedicology experts recommend them.
    • Place the sinks and taps in the kitchen in the North-East direction. One must try to keep it as far as possible from the gas stove

Electrical Appliances And Other Gadgets

    • Place electrical appliances such as microwaves, grinders, etc in the South-East corner of the kitchen. Try not to compromise here as it may cause you harm in the future as per vastu of kitchen.
    • If you have a dishwasher, then ideally it should be placed in the North-West of the kitchen. Even Vedicology professionals would vouch for that.
    • The cooking cylinder, as well as the geyser, should be placed in the Southeast corner.
    • Placement of the refrigerator can take place in the North-West, South-East, or the South-West. However, take efforts not to place it on the North-East side.

Windows, Exhaust Fans And Other Storage

    • If you do have large windows in the kitchen, then you should place them on the Eastern side whereas the small ventilators should be placed in the south direction.
    • Similarly, as per vastu for kitchen install the exhaust fan on the eastern wall in the south-east corner. However, if it is not feasible, then you may always plan it towards the south wall also.

Colour Schematics And Flooring

    • It is always preferable to have great use of the colour green in the kitchen. As per vastu in the kitchen, this will improve the appetite of the family members. It will also create overall harmony in the house.
    • The above point regarding the colour is not a compulsion to follow and thereby, instead of green, you may also go with your colour of choice.
    • Always try to keep in mind that the kitchen should be painted either with yellow, rose red, orange, or chocolate brown. Minimal to zero use of blue or black is highly recommended.
    • When it comes to the flooring aspect, ceramic tiles, mosaic, marble are always the perfect choice for the flooring.
    • Not only as per Vastu of kitchen, but the ceramic tile flooring is recommended. They accommodate and adapt to Indian conditions very well, such as it is stain-free, dust-free, and scratch-resistant.


    • The kitchen should have plenty of light and brightness in there. Artificial lighting can be used to avoid darkness. Apart from that, it should also have a proper ventilation system.
    • Please do not keep idols of gods or goddesses in the kitchen, as per vastu of kitchen, it’s not auspicious.
    • If clocks are present in your kitchen, then they should be ideally placed towards the South or South-West wall.
    • Also, if the dining table is already in the kitchen, then as per vastu for kitchen you should ideally keep it in the North-West corner.
    • Last but not least, the kitchen should be clean and kept hygienic at all intervals. Also, ensure that used utensils are cleaned before sleeping at night, and no utensils should be left.

The above-mentioned tips can come very handy when ensuring your Vastu of kitchen is perfect. For a better analysis, guidance or mentorship, you can always visit a Vastu consultant in Chennai Vedicology.

Some Common Things To Avoid As Per Vastu For Kitchen:

    • The kitchen must never be below or above a bathroom or a toilet. Meaning, the toilet, and the kitchen must never share a common wall. Both these instances can harm the resident’s health.
    • In the books of kitchen in vastu, the kitchen must never, at any given location, face the main entrance of the house.
    • Vedicology strongly recommends that the kitchen must never be located in the North or North-East since this can negatively affect a person’s career.
    • The mid-north, northeast, mid-west, mid-south, south-west, and the centre of a house should never be used for constructing a kitchen.
    • The Pooja room or the temple room must never be above the stove or even the kitchen sink as it brings bad luck to the entire house.

To conclude, we have to take care of such small details while studying about the Vastu of a kitchen. Therefore, Vastu consultation of any given kitchen involves a thorough analysis and a lot of research. This research comprises of the following factors:

    • The ideal location of the kitchen in vastu of the house
    • The ideal direction of the entrance.
    • Ideal direction and placement of the windows.
    • Appropriate direction and the right placement of the cooking gas.
    • Right direction to face while cooking
    • Direction and the ideal placement of the sink
    • The direction or the right place to keep the refrigerator
    • Placement of electrical equipment.
    • The ideal placement of the gas cylinders
    • Direction and Placement of Storage
    • The colour scheme of the kitchen vastu

The above factors are extremely crucial in judging the Vastu of any kitchen, and you must actively also seek to ensure the above pointers are taken care of. Vedicology Vastu consultants can help you plan this well.

Remedy/ Solution for a Common Vastu Dosha:

If the cook in the kitchen has their back towards the kitchen door, then you could do one thing. Place a mirror or a reflective tile, so that they can see the door of the kitchen. This is one of the most basic remedy or solution, or you could call it kitchen vastu tips.

However, the best remedy for the long term would be to take a thorough consultation. Availing personalized recommendations from an experienced Vastu consultant in Vedicology is the key.

Believe it or not, the kitchen is the most affected area in the house through which all sorts of energies prevail. Hence, a vastu of kitchen professional would surely identify the loopholes here. They will genuinely make your life happier and better with their profound knowledge. All you have to do is approach the nearest Vastu consultant from Vedicology today.

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