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Vastu For Main Door

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Vastu For Main Door

The main door entrance is considered to be the sole mouth of a home. This is the place that brings in the primary energy inside the house. Hence, it is very crucial to take care of the main door vastu. Since it is the house’s face, one should take care of it in the same way we take care of our face each morning. Yes, you heard that, right! Vastu gives importance to the main door because most of the positive energies and vibrations enter through this opening. Therefore, it is vital to ensure the alignment of the main door in vastu. Along with it, we need to understand why it should get incorporated into our daily lives.

Why Is Vastu For Main Door Entrance Important?

The main door is indeed the passage that creates life in a home. Hence one should pay great attention to the main door and the main windows as per Vedicology Vastu consultants. Vastu shastra is basis facts, measurements, figures, and science. Hence the reason for aligning your home as per Vastu has a scientific reason behind it.

The main door reflects the first impression, personality, positivity, abundance and wellbeing of the inhabitants. Conducting vastu for main door entrance can give you all this for a lifetime. Yes, that’s true! Any person who enters the home through the main door should produce positive energy. So each time a person walks in, they should feel it. This positive energy from the main entrance correlates and spreads to the entire portion of the home.

Essential Tips For Main Door Vastu

The main door has various aspects like the placement of the main door, the placement of the main windows, the direction of the main door, etc. It is essential to position an entrance door to activate the most beneficial energies for the inhabitants of the home. And this process occurs with the help of Vedicology Vastu Consultants.

Following are some tips which can help you position as per vastu for main door entrance.

Location As Per Vastu For Main Door:

The location of the entrance door is ideally in a way where it can activate the most beneficial energy inside the house. Before we begin to explain Vastu related technicalities, firstly determine the correct placement of the main gate. For that, measure the width of the plot and divide it into nine equal parts. Then check the following-

  • North:-

Placing the main entry in this direction is very auspicious as per main door vastu. Try to keep the main gate in the fourth or the fifth part of the North direction according to the Vastu mandala. Placing the door in this direction will allow an ample amount of sunlight throughout the day. Avoid placing the door near the corner of the walls. Also, avoid placing the door in the right half North-West direction.

  • East:-

Place the main gate either in the third, fourth, or fifth part of this direction. This direction guarantees prosperity according to the vastu for main door. Avoid positioning the door in the South-East order. Place the door in the centre of the wall and the windows in the North-East direction.

  • West:-

Position the main gate either in the third, fourth, or fifth part of this direction. Avoid positioning the door in the right half of the house as more windows are supposed to place here for constant sunlight throughout the day. Avoid the opening in the South-West direction. If you have a door on the western side, have a parallel door on the Eastern side which can allow maximum useful UV rays.

  • South:-

This direction is not considered as good as per some people. However, the South direction can prove extremely prosperous if the main entrance is positioned well. Ideally, place the main gate in the third and fourth part of this direction. Avoid placing the gate in the South-West direction as it may harm you with infrared rays. The South-West is probably the worst direction for placing the main door. This is because the magnetic energy originating from the North-East doesn’t get accumulated in the South-West. This is in line with the main door in vastu.

Note: All the entry parts are counted from left to right while facing the specific direction.

Entrance Door To The House:

  • If only one entrance is provided to the house, place it in the East or North direction for the best results.
  • Remember that doors in the West and South direction are not allowed in residential establishments as per main door vastu
  • However, these directions can become handy for an entrance in commercial establishments.

Number Of Entrances To The House As Per Main Door Vastu:

Many houses may have more than one entrance on the frontage, which is definitely for them. There are some rules that one must follow for these doors, according to Vedicology Vastu Consultants.

  • One Door:-

If there is only one main entrance door to the house, then more wealth is expected over other factors. If only one entrance is provided to the house, try to place it in the East or North only. This will ensure you get the best results. Doors in the West and the South direction are good or even allowed. However, these directions can prove apt for an entrance in commercial establishments.

  • Two Doors:-

If there are two doors in the entrance, one can expect a comfortable life for the inmates. If a house needs to have two gates, then combinations of doors like East with North and West are good; West with North and East is good. However, South and West or East directions are not considered suitable as per vastu for the main door.

  • Three Doors:-

If there are three doors, then it is considered extremely harmful to the residents as per the vastu for main door. On the other hand, if there are more than three doors at the main entrance, then it can cause many problems. For an East facing house, place the main door or entrance towards the East. In this way, the main door would fall in the Northern half of that side. Such a door yields good results and is considered very auspicious. On the other hand, a West facing house should have the main door in the West. In this way, the main door shall fall in the Northern half of that side.

  • Four Doors:-

If the house is in line with the magnetic orientation, it’s a win-win situation. This is when you can keep the door in all 4 directions and it is an auspicious event for you. This will ensure you are on track with the main door vastu.

  • Inner Doors:-

Inner doors are nothing but those of the bedroom, bathroom, pooja room, etc. The inner doors’ ideal height should be at least 7′-0, and the width of the door should be at least 3′-6. These measurements are aligned with the main door in vastu.

Number Of Doors In The House According To Main Door In Vastu:

Try to keep the number of doors within the house even in count. However, the figure shouldn’t account for ten or any multiple of eight. Even when counting the doors within the houses there are several rules as per vastu for main door entrance.

  • Firstly, the main gate or the outhouse doors don’t account for entries in the house.
  • Secondly, note that two flanged doors account only for one entry.
  • Thirdly, entrance may occur without doors, but if they are covered overhead to form an enclosed passage, they are counted as doors.
  • Doors to partitions within the house that do not touch the ceiling do not come under the definition of doors.

Following is the explanation of the number of doors in the house and their respective effect according to Vedicology Vastu Consultants:

  • 15 doors/ 11 doors = This accounts for nothing but the destruction of the good.
  • 14 doors/ 8 doors = This implies an increase in wealth.
  • 13 doors = This lowers the man’s life span.
  • 12 doors = This accounts for the growth of a business
  • 10 doors = This implies robbery.
  • 9 doors = Desease.
  • 7 doors = This depicts death.
  • 6 doors = This accounts for good childbearing.
  • 5 doors = Illnesses.
  • 4 doors = This causes extended life.
  • 3 doors = Causes enmity
  • 2 doors = This is an extremely auspicious occasion.

Designing The Doors As Per Vastu For Main Door Entrance:

Well Vastu allows decoration and carving on the main entrance, but it has some rules to follow strictly:

  • Lakshmi seated on a lotus with elephants is good to use for the doors.
  • Traditional guard images carved in the process are also a great idea.
  • For decoration, the gods of wealth emitting coins are useful. Kul Devta, the family deity can adorn the door.
  • Birds like parrots, peacocks, swans images are also good to use on the doors of one’s house.
  • Pictures or Sculptures of war scans etc. are not allowed as per vastu for main door.
  • One should remember to not use any god images etc on the outer side of the door as it may lead to poverty and other problems.
  • The main door should be attractive, solid, and massive.
  • Always use good quality wood for the main entrance.
  • One should make sure to have an attractive nameplate on the house entrance, as this attracts prosperity, wealth, and happiness.
  • Avoid main doors which can close automatically.
  • Keep the entrance door size larger than the other doors of the house.
  • The main door should have a threshold as it makes sure that you avoid loss of any wealth. The main door should open inside and clockwise.
  • The main door should not make any screeching noise. Doors should not remain in the centre of the wall, and they should always prevail in the off-centre.

Display And Other Miscellaneous Items:

  • The presence of a small opening above the main door, in the form of a ventilator, is very auspicious.
  • Placing a toran is very auspicious, as it invites good luck and wards off the negative energies.
  • Decorate the door with the help of auspicious symbols such as an image of Kalash, with coconut on it, goddesses Lakshmi’s feet pointing towards the house, or a swastika with Riddhi Siddhi and Shubh Laabh written on either side of the Swastika symbol.
  • Make a string of peepal, mango, or Ashok leaves and hang them at the entrance to expel negativity.
  • Placing a lit diya outside the main door at sunset is a good custom, as it helps to ward off the negative energies.
  • Always keep the entrance door well lit with bright lights.
  • Keep the entrance clutter-free and tidy to attract positive energies according to the main door vastu.

Things That You Must Avoid With Regards To Vastu For Main Door:

  • Avoid slanting, sliding, or circular opening entrances of the doors in your house.
  • One should make sure that there is no door, within the house or outside, which faces the main door when you open it.
  • Don’t keep any shoes in front of the main entrance as it’s not a good sign. Keep them aside.
  • Avoid having the main door facing another house’s main entrance as it often leads to financial losses and problems.
  • Do not have the main door facing an abandoned or deserted building, as it can create negative vibes.
  • Do not have an underground tank, septic tank under the entrance as per vastu for main door entrance.
  • The Main gate should never face any sort of intersecting roads. Remember that.
  • Avoid keeping any sort of garbage or even the home dustbin near the entrance.
  • The main door should not face a temple, it will create problems for the head of the family.
  • Avoid obstructing things like poles, trees, wires, etc. in front of the main entrance.
  • Avoid any shadows on the main door like shadows of buildings, plants, temples, churches, etc.
  • Do not have any flowing water feature in front of the main entrance. One may suffer unnecessary expenses because of this.

Remedy For A Common Vastu Defect For A Main Door In Vastu

In case of an obstruction to the main entrance, or if the main door is facing a “T junction,” or a cremation ground or any other obstruction –

Then construct an electric pole, a transformer, temple, or ugly looking structure in front of the main entrance. Then all you have to do is hang a ‘Pakua’ mirror (a round-shaped convex mirror used in ‘Feng Shui, the Chinese art of Vastu’) on the front wall of your building. Please do this in such a way that it faces the negative area defined here.

No matter what Dosha you have, you must perform a vastu puja. Do this before you fix the main door of your house as per Vedicology Vastu Consultants. Not following Vastu shastra will have repercussions in your life. It will have consequences that will last a lifetime. This practice is on for decades, and its value still hasn’t diminished. Therefore, conducting vastu for main door entrance is extremely important in one’s lives. And this is nothing but a shortcut to happiness and prosperity. So what are you waiting for? Get to know your shortcut!

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