Indian Vastu Shastra Vastu For Servant Room

Vastu For Servant Room

by vedicologyindia

Vastu For Servant Room

Nowadays, most of the urban houses in cities have provisions for servant rooms or servant quarters. This need arises because of the extra facilities that one uses. Generally, this servant room is meant for driver, housekeeper, housemaids etc. One should construct a servant room as per Vastu because of its underlying importance. In the following excerpt, you will understand why servant room Vastu suggests placing this room in the apt direction. Before we get into the technicalities, let’s understand its role in our lives.

Why Ensuring Servant Room As Per Vastu Is Important?

One must determine according to Vastu best place for servant room in the house. Yes, you heard that right! Servant’s quarter is an essential part of the house, and one must not neglect it. Change in this place or not aligning with Vastu leads to specific changes in the servant’s mindset. Hence, it is always advisable to go ahead with this aspect in your mind for servant room Vastu.

Servant Room Vastu in house suggests placing this vital room in the right direction. This will ensure an abundance of positivity in the house. It will also enable the owner to have proper control over his servant. Petty issues like theft, ego clashes, control issues, illness for the maid, usurping owner’s place, etc. occurs when one doesn’t follow Vastu principles or their guidelines.

Believe it or not, when you follow ideal Vastu principles, it is an indeed bliss. You will start to feel good about your house. You will feel better and wholesome in your respective home. And the abundance of happiness and prosperity that will come along is unmeasurable. Therefore according to Vastu best place for servant room in the house is extremely important.

Crucial Tips For the Maid Room

Now, as you all have understood what the significance of servant room Vastu in house is. It’s now time to explain what comprises of it. According to Vastu best place for servant room in the house, one can easily determine after going through these pointers. The below-mentioned details will benefit you and come as handy in your life.

Placement Of The Maid Room As Per Vastu

  • The best location for the maid room is the West direction, as this direction is neutral, neither strong nor weak.
  • Remember not to place the servant room in the East and the North direction. These directions are meant only for the owners.
  • Another alternative for servant room is North-west quadrant of North. This corner is suitable for the placement of a servant room.
  • Similarly, servant room Vastu in house in the South or South-West direction is not ideal, as these directions are firm. Hence according to Vastu best place for servant room in the house is not these directions. The servants staying here can share the owner’s luck and can even become dominating and stubborn.
  • Servant quarter is considered ideal in South-East corner or quadrant. Vastu principles dictate that the servant living here does not usurp the owner’s position and stay in control.

Directions, Colors And Miscellaneous Regarding Vastu For Servant Room

  • The servant should not sleep in the kitchen as this is inauspicious as per servant room Vastu.
  • Ensure the floor of the servant’s room is not more than the floor of the main building.
  • Make sure that you don’t give the servants a room just above the master bedroom. This is not a good principle.
  • One considers the North-East and South-West inadequate for the servant room. Because according to Vastu a maid staying here dominate their owner and even commit things like theft.
  • Use pastel colours for the drapery and other interior choices for the servant room. This will enhance the overall feel of the servant room as per Vastu.
  • Do not place any expensive or metallic item in the servant room as well. It is not a good idea to do so.

Servant Room Vastu In House Serves Infinite Serendipity

Whenever you conduct Vastu in your house, they determine the Vastu best place for servant room in the house. A Vastu specialist or an expert would take care of the following points while studying the position of maid room. Aware yourself that the Vastu consultation of servant room involves a thorough analysis of the following factors-

  • Proper location of the maid room in your home.
  • The apt direction of the maid room in your respective house.
  • Proper orientation of the bed for the maid.
  • The colour scheme that blends with the principles and guidelines for Vastu shastra.
  • Ensuring optimum placement of the room regarding master bedroom, bathroom, and other rooms in the house.
  • The ideal direction and the ideal placement of the windows for maid room.
  • The direction and placement of the electrical appliances, if any, in the servant’s room.
  • Lastly, the perfect direction and perfect placement of the toilet for a maid room.

Some might wonder that servant room as per Vastu is a huge deal. They might think that it is exceptionally detail-oriented and pretty comprehensive. Well, to all those people, it is a one-time activity only. Yes, you heard that right! Following the basic Vastu principles for a maid room will serve you infinite positive and good vibes in the place.

Therefore, according to Vastu best place for servant room in the house is crucial to determine. You need to set the tone of the house that overlaps Vastu shastra. Only then you would get a feel-good vibe in your home. Not only this, but the aura and ambience of happiness that’ll create is merely unbelievable. Even the relation with your servant will turn out peaceful and remain in harmony. You will barely experience any fights or arguments. Hence, do not compromise on this factor and approach the nearest consultant today. You can trust Vedicology blindly in this aspect and go for it.

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