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Vastu For Staircase

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Vastu For Staircase

Stairs or staircases are a significant part of each multistory house or bungalow. Many homes consist of multiple floors, and a staircase is very common for that. But having a staircase in vastu or as per Vastu principles is essential. Only then can the residents enjoy wealth, health, and peace of mind. Firstly, let’s understand how Vastu plays a role concerning a staircase and why it’s essential to follow the rules.

Is Staircase Vastu Necessary?

Most houses consist of multiple floors, and they’re pretty huge. Often, such homes require structures to bridge the vertical distance between them. Usually, in such cases, the medium used is stairways available in a plethora of shapes such as round, straight, etc., and materials such as concrete, wooden, steel etc. However, before choosing the size, shape and material for a staircase consultant Vedicology Vastu consultants.

Make sure the character, size or direction of the stairway’s blueprint confirms with vastu for staircase. Make sure you design this carefully because when you use the stairway, you should feel positive vibes. However, if a stairway is in the wrong direction, you may not feel peaceful or joyous. There are specific rules which one must follow before the commencement of designing a staircase in vastu.

Crucial Pointers on Vastu For Staircase

Architects and builders are significant stakeholders here. Because they are the right people who design staircases and hence if you have hired one, make sure they follow the rules of vastu for stair. And in case you haven’t hired one, make sure you are acquainted with the following details. They are as follows:

Location As Per Vastu For Stair

  • A staircase must exist in the Western or the Southern part of the house. It means that it should prevail in the West or the South direction only.
  • Always make sure that you do not place stairs in the Northern section of the house. It should not prevail in the North-East corner as it leads to financial losses.
  • Also, avoid keeping the stairs in the centre of the house. One can even build an external staircase in South-East facing East, South-West facing West, North-West facing North, and South-West facing south.
  • The stairs should always start from the North and go towards the South, or from East to West as per staircase vastu.
  • Make sure the stairs don’t touch the Northern or the Eastern walls of your home.
  • The room with a staircase in the southwest corner of a home or even a basement is not auspicious. As per staircase vastu, people living in such a household can experience high blood pressure, hyperactivity, restlessness, anxiety, anaemia, etc.

Vastu for Staircase Shapes, Sizes, And Direction:

  • The staircase should always move in a clockwise direction according to the stairs in vastu.
  • The total number of stairs must always remain odd, i.e. 5, 7, 9, 11, etc. And an even number isn’t considered favourable as per vastu.
  • Similarly, circular or spiral staircases are not auspicious as they can bring bad health to the family.
  • Square or rectangular stairs that bend at the right angle are considered acceptable. Hence, incorporating them is always a great idea as per staircase in vastu.

Placement Of The Stairs As Per Staircase Vastu:

  • One can use the area under the stairs as a storage place. Or else one can even keep the space vacant. This depends from person to person.
  • Providing a door at the end and the beginning of each staircase is considered auspicious. So try and incorporate that in the design according to the vastu for staircase.
  • Do not use a common staircase for going upstairs and for going to the basement. It is not a very good idea as per staircase vastu.
  • Do not build any room such as the kitchen, bathroom, and ‘Puja’ room under the staircase. It is not favourable at all.
  • It is inauspicious to have staircases right in front of the main entrance of the house. This way, the energy will not stay on your floor and will climb up towards the terrace.
  • Also, direct stairs outside the room can make your home accident-prone and often bring bad luck.
  • If a linear staircase is constructed, it must begin from North to South or East to West. Later, it can take any direction according to the vastu for stair.

Colour Combination As Per Vastu For Stair:

  • Vedicology Vastu Consultants strongly suggest painting staircases with light colours only.
  • Avoiding red, black colour and other such dark colours are always auspicious for the house.


  • It is always advisable to repair broken stairs immediately. Otherwise, it may cause accidents or even create mental tension as per vastu for staircase.
  • One should not hang pictures of gods or deities during the course of the staircase. Since we walk on the steps or stairs, it is not recommended, according to Vastu.
  • Hence it is not apt to place the picture of anything sacred or holy according to the staircase in vastu.

Remedy for a Common Vastu Dosha Of Vastu For Stair:

For example, you have an anti-clockwise staircase in your house. In such a situation, let us provide you with a solution. To begin with, as mentioned above, staircases should always turn clockwise while going up.

In case the staircase is turning anti-clockwise while going up, use a vertical mirror (two x four square feet) on the front wall inside the stairs. This practice will negate the negative rotation to turn right. This solution is according tried and tested from Vedicology Vastu consultants. The defect will then get corrected without having to do significant structural changes.

And if one does not follow vastu for staircase then, it will have adverse effects. One would experience such impact on the family as well as surrounding factors. It may lead to accidents, loss of wealth and mental tension, etc. Conducting Staircase Vastu is indeed a one-time thing to do in life. Whenever you intend to buy a house, you need to check this. That’s it!

The Lifetime Advantage Of Following Vastu For Stair:

Consultation of the staircase in vastu from Vedicology involves a comprehensive analysis. This is a thorough analysis of the following factors and pointers:

  • Proper location of the staircase in the house
  • The direction of the stairs or staircase in the house
  • The placement of the staircase if needed in the room, drawing room, etc.
  • The direction and placement of the almirah and other storage items near the stairs.
  • Shapes and size of an ideal staircase.
  • The display items and other decor instructions for a staircase.
  • The entire color scheme of the Vastu for Staircase.

Hence, the vastu for staircase requires professionals and experts from the field itself. Their knowledge and skillset would indeed act as an add-on here. Having stairs or staircase, according to Vastu, is truly underestimated. But believe it or not, this is needed. However, you can accomplish this with the help of Vedicology Vastu consultants. Please don’t neglect the staircase part of your house, because they’re equally important.

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