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Water Tank Vastu

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Tanks are a highly functional feature of a building, a house or even a society or premises. Well, Vastu for the water tank is a must no matter what the situation is. The following excerpt explains in depth about the overall water tank Vastu. Before we begin, let’s understand what is Vastu and why must one follow it.

Why Installing The Water Tank As Per Vastu Is Important For Us As Residents?

According to Vastu shastra, some principles are a must. The ancient sages founded the Vastu principles and one considers it a science. If one follows water tank vastu, then one is bound to receive the benefits. Hence, it would definitely lead to an increase in wealth, prosperity, and knowledge.

Let’s face the truth- We cannot live without water and the only option is to contain and preserve it. Lord Varundev governs the water, which is an extremely important element and it commands our respect. Hence, when you don’t follow Vastu, Vedicology warns that there are a zillion issues that could come up. Yes, you heard that right! Therefore, installing and maintaining the water tank as per vastu is crucial.

Important Guidelines For Water Tank Vastu

Water tank as per vastu is an indeed vast topic to cover. Vedicology recommends different tips according to the placement of the water tank. Hence the following excerpt explains in great precision what to do in each of these circumstances.

Guidelines For Underground

An underground water tank is the one which is dug up in the ground. The Underground water tanks are present in multi-storied flats and even small colonies. The following are crucial tips for an underground water tank as per vastu:

  • Place the Underground water tank in the North-East corner of the building or the house. This is because it brings all kinds of happiness, knowledge, prosperity and wealth.
  • Before digging an Underground tank, draw an axis marking from the North-East to the South-West. This will show both the sides left or right are apt for underground water tanks.
  • Ensure that you don’t place the underground water tank in the South-West area. This will take away both earned income and even the savings of the inhabitants of the house.
  • Similarly, one shouldn’t place the water tank in the South-East area. This thereby leads to fire-related and unwanted fights problems.
  • According to underground water tank vastu avoids tanks made out of plastic.

Tips For Overhead Water Tank Vastu:

An overhead water tank is the one which generally stays at the terrace of the building. The following are the tips with regards to placement, direction, etc-

  • The location or placement of the is ideally, the West or the South-West direction which is perfect for such tasks.
  • For the overhead tank which remains in the South-West direction, it should remain at least two feet over the uppermost slab.
  • Because of the water, the side becomes heavy which acts to one’s advantage.
  • Make sure that there is no dampness and the best bet is to place the tank on a slab higher than the slab of the building for overhead water tank vastu.
  • The North-East corner belongs to the element – water, but it is not advisable to have a big water tank as per vastu in that area.
  • An Overhead tank in the South-East corner is a bad omen. This results in a loss of wealth and accidents.
  • The effect of the water tank vastu in the South direction is of medium effect. But make sure that the tank is two feet above the slab of the roof and it should not leak.
  • Placing the tank on the Westside (not South-West) is extremely beneficial as the direction belongs to Lord Varuna, lord of rains.
  • Avoid placing the overhead tank in the North-West direction.
  • There’s only one exception when it is of small size, less height, and situated at a distance of at least two feet then, it is feasible.
  • The drawback is that the water in the tank does not get used properly and finishes earlier than one can expect.
  • Never place the overhead tank in the middle. This middle place is known as the Bramhasthan.
  • If there is a load on the Brahma, the life of the individuals living in the house is absolutely unfeasible.
  • According to the water tank vastu avoid tanks made out of plastic. If you were to get one, make sure it is blue or black, as these darker shades absorb sun rays.
  • Lastly, make sure you have different tanks for different purposes.

Tips For Septic Tank As Per Vastu:

A septic tank is the part of the house where all the human waste or the sewerage collects. The septic tanks generally hold negativity in them for small or even large periods. The following are important suggestions and recommendations for septic water tank vastu:

  • Keep the Septic tanks in the North-West direction. This is the best direction for disposal according to water tank vastu.
  • The septic tank shouldn’t directly touch the wall of the compound or the plinth of the house.
  • Try to keep the septic tank at least a couple of feet away from the wall or plinth of the respective home.
  • Do not keep the Septic tank in the South-West direction as it will create problems like delays and depression to the inmates.
  • Don’t place the Septic tanks in the North-East as it can cause accidents and ill health.
  • Similarly don’t keep the tanks in the South-East direction. This can give rise to fire-related problems and spoil your peace.
  • Do not construct the septic tank higher than the plinth level of the building. The best thing is to do it at the ground level.
  • The vent of the septic tank should preferably remain in the North or the West directions. And they should only remain in round shapes.

It Is Directly Proportional To One’s Prosperity

When we conduct Vastu, we have to take care of several things. Vedicology’s Vastu consultation of a water tank vastu involves the following analysis:

  • Proper location and direction of the water tank as per one’s respective house.
  • The appropriate material for the tank, and other details.
  • The apt place for storage and handling of other essential items.
  • The perfect colour to use is a must for the water tank as per vastu.
  • The purpose of using the water tank and other necessities.

Well, following these Vastu principles and practices would surely brighten up your life. Yes, we can bet on it! In this way, even Vedicology strongly suggests that the water tank will surely bring us better health, wealth, and prosperity in the house.

You just have to hire the services once and then you’re good to go. Believe it or not, your life will surely change for the better. Maintaining the Vastu for water tank is not something to take lightly. Hence, even before you install one or buy one, make sure you conduct a water tank vastu from the best Consultant.


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