What is Samhita Branch of Vedic Astrology ?

What is Samhita Branch of Vedic Astrology ?

The Samhita branch of Vedic astrology deals with the broader aspects of understanding ourselves. It utilizes omens and observations in the environment to draw conclusions. Analysis of dreams or fantasies, sudden sounds, the appearance of animals or birds, movement of the planets, twitching of muscles, etc. are examples. Brihat Samhita is encyclopedic that explains the above in great detail.

Even though the book Brihat Samhita is mostly about divination, also, it comes with a vast assortment of topics aside from prophecy. It covers wide-ranging topics of individual interest, such as astronomy, planetary motions, eclipses, rain, clouds, structure, growth of plants, manufacture of cologne, matrimony, national relations, stone, pearls, and rituals. The quantity expounds on gem evaluation standard found in the Garuda Purana and elaborates about the holy Nine Pearls from precisely the exact same text.

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What is Ganitha Branch in Vedic Astrology ?

The Ganita branch deals with pure mathematics on the Astronomical basis of astrology. It describes in great detail about how to figure the position of the planets and many other calculations which Vedic Astrology relies on. One famous work in the Ganita branch is the Surya Siddhanta, a Sanskrit manuscript on Indian Astronomy written during the ancient 4th or 5th century CE. The text has been mentioned and extensively quoted in a 6th-century CE text from Varahamihira.

The Surya Siddhanta explains rules to compute the moves of different planets and the moon relative to several constellations, diameters of different planets and computes the orbits of different astronomical bodies. The text maintains, based on Markanday and Srivatsava, the earth is a spherical form. It calculates the planet’s diameter to be 8,000 kilometers (contemporary: 7,928 kilometers ), the diameter of moon as 2,400 kilometers (real ~2,160) along with also the distance between earth and moon to become 258,000 kilometers (real ~238,000). The text remains a miracle to the contemporary scientists and is well known for a number of the first established debate of sexagesimal fractions and trigonometric functions.

The Surya Siddhanta is among the many astronomy-related Hindu texts which represent an efficient system that created accurate forecasts and is applicable in its content till date.


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