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Welcome to Vedicology, your trusted source for comprehensive consultations in the ancient sciences of Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, and Gemology. Rooted in the wisdom of the Vedas, these age-old disciplines have guided individuals towards greater harmony, success, and fulfillment for centuries. At Vedicology, we are dedicated Astrologers in Chennai to bringing these profound insights and practices to the modern world, helping you navigate life’s complexities with clarity and purpose.

Our team of experienced and certified Astrology experts is committed to providing you with personalized consultations that delve deep into your unique cosmic blueprint. Whether you seek insights into your life’s purpose, career prospects, relationship dynamics, or the ideal gemstone to enhance your well-being, Vedicology’s Astrology consultations in Chennai offer you the guidance you need. Embrace the power of ancient wisdom and unlock the secrets of your destiny with Vedicology. Your journey to a more harmonious and prosperous life begins here.



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Vedicology Astrologers, Numerologists, Vastu Consultants and Remedy Specialists in India provide online or direct consultations on Vedic Astrology, Chaldean Numerology and Vastu Shastra.


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Vedicology Academy offers online courses on Vedic Astrology, Chaldean Numerology & Vastu Shastra. We offer fundamental, intermediate & professional level online training programs.


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Free online courses: Vedic Astrology, Chaldean Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Chakras, Koshas and Nadis for beginners. Explore many more programs on Santana Dharma.

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Best Astrologers from India for Online Consultation

Eswaran Namboothiri
Senior Consultant, 40 Years’ Experience
  • Vedic Research Scholar, Astrologer and Vastu Expert
  • MA, MPhil, Jawaharlal Nehru University ( JNU)
  • PHD, Banaras Hindu University
  • Vedic Education from Thirunavay Brahmasvam, once of the most ancient Vedic Schools in India
  • Research Scholar – Indian Religious Philosophies
  • Previous Positions – Professor - Banaras Hindu University
Abhishek Mohan
Senior Consultant, 25 Years’ Experience
  • Vedic Studies & Research, Astrology, Numerology and Vastu Shastra
  • MA, MPhil, PHD, Banaras Hindu University
  • Previous Positions - Professor, Banaras Hindu University, Professor – Sampurnanand
  • Honorary Positions – Secretary - Centre for Hindu Religious Studies,
  • Founder Member – Society for Advaita Vedanta
Suparna Anand
Senior Consultant, 35 years’ Experience
  • Medical Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Chaldean Numerology, Vastu Shastra and Fengshui,
    Medical Astrology applications in Psychology
  • MPhil, PHD, Psychology, St Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad
  • 25 years of Professional Practice as a Psychologist and Counsellor
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist, National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc
    (Merrimack, NH, USA)

Vedicology - Best Astrologers in Chennai, India

Best Astrologers from India for Online Consultation

Vedicology provides Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Vastu Shastra and Gemology consultations. We offer our services to clients across the world. Vedicology Senior Consultants are scholars in Sanatana dharma scriptures dating back to the Vedic era.

About Vedicology and Our Consultation Methodology

Vedicology represents a confluence of wisdom and expertise, where our distinguished astrologers, numerologists, and Vastu consultants in India dedicate themselves to the art and science of Vedic Astrology, Chaldean Numerology, and Vastu Shastra. Our approach to consultation, whether online or in-person, is a fusion of traditional knowledge with over 150 cumulative years of experience. Serving a global clientele, we remain accessible through phone, email, or direct interactions, ensuring a thorough, individualized, and enlightened consultation process.”

Remedies and their Significance

Our commitment goes beyond mere consultations. At Vedicology, we delve deeply into various remedial measures, understanding their origins, purposes, and applications. Drawing from the profound wellsprings of Vedic and Tantric traditions, our remedies encompass practices such as mantra chanting, the use of mystical yantras, gemstone recommendations, fasting, altruistic activities, pujas, vows, pilgrimage recommendations, specific offerings, tantric rituals, herbal recommendations, and guidance in Agamic rituals. These remedies, while ancient, are personalized to resonate with an individual’s unique astrological chart, ensuring optimal harmony and alleviation of any planetary or karmic imbalances.

Exceptional Client Reviews & Accolades

For seven consecutive years, Vedicology has proudly held the title “Best Astrologer in Chennai” and featured in the “Top 10 Astrologers in India” list. Our world-class numerology services have also earned us the distinction of being the “Best Numerologist in Chennai” and among the “Top 5 Numerologists in India” since 2017. Our vastu consultation services are highly regarded throughout the country.

Based on glowing customer feedback from around the globe, Vedicology is recognized as the “Best Vastu Consultant” in Chennai and among the “Top 10 Vastu Consultants” in India. “Three Best Rated,” a highly respected online rating agency, has honoured us as one of Chennai’s top three astrologers, numerologists, and vastu consultants. Our commitment to excellence has kept us in the “best three” category from 2017 through 2023.

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FAQ's - Vedicology Services

Astrology/Numerology/Vastu Services

Vedicology's predictions, firmly grounded in Vedic Astrology, Chaldean Numerology, and Vastu Shastra principles, aim to offer clarity and direction. While destiny has its flow, our insights from experienced astrologers offer a deeper understanding, acting as a guiding light for your decisions.

Every online consultation at Vedicology mirrors the dedication and depth of an in-person session. Our cutting-edge technology facilitates an interactive experience, allowing you to engage with India's top astrologers and vastu consultants seamlessly, regardless of where you are.

Absolutely! Vedicology's vastu consultants excel in offering versatile Vastu Shastra solutions. Whether it's a new construction or an existing one, we recommend harmonizing solutions without demanding major structural changes.

When you consult with Vedicology's top numerologists, you gain access to the profound wisdom of numbers that influence your life. We offer a roadmap, detailing your inherent strengths, challenges, and significant life phases, all decoded through the lens of numerology.

Without a doubt. Remedies from Vedicology, inspired by Vedic and Tantric traditions, prioritize your holistic well-being. Whether it's mantra chanting, yantras, or gemstones recommended by our astrologers, all are ethical, non-invasive, and aligned with positive energies.

The beauty of Vedicology lies in its flexibility. Some clients prefer annual interactions with our astrologers to navigate the year ahead, while others reach out during pivotal life moments. We're always here, offering clarity whenever you seek it.

Our consistent accolades, such as "Best Astrologer in Chennai" and mentions in "Top 10 Astrologers in India", are a testament to our unwavering commitment. These, coupled with global testimonials, highlight Vedicology's journey in offering unparalleled astrological, numerological, and vastu services in India.

Welcome to the world of cosmic insights! At Vedicology, we recommend initiating your journey with a comprehensive consultation. Our seasoned astrologers, numerologists, and vastu consultants in India will guide you through the foundational aspects, paving the way for deeper exploration.

Your trust is our priority. At Vedicology, every consultation, be it with our astrologers, numerologists, or vastu consultants, remains confidential. We uphold the highest standards of privacy, ensuring your personal details never leave our system.

At Vedicology, India's premier Chaldean Numerology hub, we offer a diverse array of consultation services steered by the best numerologists in India. With over 150 man-years of collective expertise, our top numerologists provide:


Baby Naming: For names in sync with your baby's cosmic vibes.

Business Naming: Align your business name with success and its core values.

Name Changing: Harness a name that boosts your numerological harmony and potential.

Name Tuning: Refine your name to match birth and destiny numbers for better life outcomes.

Marriage Matching: Establish a strong, harmonious marital foundation.

Home Naming: Opt for a name ensuring tranquility and prosperity at home.

Vehicle Registration Number Selection: Boost your vehicle's positive energies with an auspicious registration number.

Personalized Numerology Report and Life Path Analysis: Deep dive into life insights and unlock your potential.

Career Guidance: Navigate career choices aligned with your talents and desires.

Experience the transformative power of numerology with the top numerologists in India, exclusively at Vedicology.

Vedicology, one of the top Vastu consultants in India, provides a comprehensive range of Vastu consultation services tailored for diverse needs. With a legacy of 150 years of collective expertise, our offerings include:

Vastu for Homes: Designing harmonious living spaces with the best Vastu consultants in India.

Vastu for Apartments: Enhancing prosperity and positive energy in apartments.

Vastu for Offices: Boosting workplace productivity and profitability.

Industrial Vastu: Promoting industrial productivity and success.

Educational Institutions & Hospitals Vastu: Cultivating academic excellence and fostering well-being.

Vastu for Hospitality: Elevating customer experiences in hotels and restaurants.

High-Rise Building Vastu: Infusing skyscrapers with positive Vastu energies.

Plot Selection Vastu: Guiding property selections for prosperity.

Vastu for Entertainment Venues: Optimizing theatres and auditoriums for audience delight.

Vastu Remedies: Offering solutions for non-Vastu compliant structures.

Online and Personal Vastu Consultations: Tailored advice for individuals and those abroad.

Paranormal Vastu: Addressing structures with suspected paranormal disturbances.

With Vedicology, experience the expertise of the best Vastu consultant in India, ensuring harmony, peace, and prosperity in every space.

Vedicology, celebrated as one of the top astrologers in India, brings to the fore an extensive suite of astrology services, curated by the best astrologers in India. With our distinguished offerings, we address a wide spectrum of cosmic inquiries:

Natal Chart Analysis: Dive deep into your birth chart with the insights of the best astrologers in India.

Future Predictions: Understand what the cosmos holds for your future, and navigate life confidently.

Marriage and Compatibility Analysis: Find your ideal partner and embrace harmonious relationships.

Career and Business Insights: Ascertain the right career paths and business decisions with celestial guidance.

Health and Wellness Predictions: Harness astrological wisdom to stay ahead of health concerns.

Financial and Wealth Consultations: Align your financial choices with planetary positions for prosperity.

Remedial Solutions: Discover astrological remedies to counteract unfavorable planetary influences.

Gemstone Recommendations: Amplify your life force with the perfect gem, as prescribed by top astrologers in India.

Muhurta Selection: Identify the most auspicious times for significant events, ceremonies, and ventures.

Online and Personal Consultations: Benefit from tailored guidance, whether you're nearby or across the globe.

Rely on Vedicology, renowned for housing the best astrologers in India, to illuminate your life's path with celestial wisdom.