How to Calculate the Strength of Each Planet in Astrology

How to Calculate the Strength of Each Planet in Astrology
by vedicologyindia

A Deep Dive into Shadbala Analysis and Other Methods of Strength Calculation

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on “Calculating the strength of planets” in astrology. This guide explores various methods of “how to determine the strength of planets in a horoscope”. Dive into astrology! Learn how to calculate each planet’s strength in your chart.

Shadbala Analysis

One of the most detailed ways to calculate planetary strength is through Shadbala analysis. It’s a system used in Vedic astrology, where ‘Shad’ means ‘six’ and ‘Bala’ means ‘strength’.

  1. Sthanabala (Positional Strength): Measures the strength of a planet based on its house position. This includes factors such as exaltation, the seven divisional charts, direction, time, portion of the zodiac, angular strength, and decante strength.
  2. Digbala (Directional Strength): A planet’s strength based on the house it occupies. Certain planets have strength in specific houses.
  3. Kaalabala (Temporal Strength): Factors in time-related aspects such as day or night, lunar day, and planetary hour.
  4. Chestabala (Motional Strength): Considers the motion of planets, favouring retrograde planets and planets moving fast in their orbits.
  5. Naisargikabala (Inherent Strength): Recognizes the inherent capabilities of the planets. Some are naturally stronger than others.
  6. Drikbala (Aspectual Strength): This strength is based on the aspects of other planets. Beneficial aspects increase strength, while harmful aspects decrease it.
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Other Methods of Strength Calculation

Beyond Shadbala, there are various other methods to evaluate planetary strength:

  1. Ashtakavarga System: A unique method that calculates the strength and auspiciousness of each planet and house.
  2. Bhava Bala: Determines the strength of houses (or Bhavas). Planets ruling strong houses confer positive results.
  3. Vimsopaka Bala: Assigns strength to planets based on their positions in certain divisional charts.
  4. Avasthas: Refers to different states of the planets based on their relationships with other planets, their degrees, and other factors.
  5. Nakshatra Position: Evaluates planetary strength based on the planet’s position in a specific Nakshatra (lunar mansion).
  6. Tara Bala: Calculates the strength of a planet based on its Nakshatra in relation to the birth Nakshatra.
  7. Panchavargeeya Bala: This includes five criteria: own house, sign of exaltation, friend’s house, directional strength, and being in an upachaya house (3,6,10,11).

In astrology, calculating the strength of planets is a complex process that offers a profound understanding of an individual’s personality and life experiences. Unlock the secrets of your horoscope! Learn how to determine the strength of planets in your chart. By understanding these methods, you can gain deep insights into the nuances of your horoscope and the influences the planets exert in your life.

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