Horoscope Casting by Vedicology – Diamond Package

Horoscope Casting by Vedicology – Diamond Package
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Introducing the Horoscope Casting – Diamond Package by Vedicology

Welcome to Vedicology’s exclusive Horoscope Casting – Diamond Package, where we meticulously cast your horoscope using time-honored Jyotish principles. Our highly skilled astrologers provide an in-depth analysis based on your birth data, offering you a glimpse into the divine plan for your life.

Why Choose Vedicology’s Horoscope Casting – Diamond Package?

Our Diamond Package stands out due to our commitment to person-centric horoscope casting. We harness the knowledge of ancient astrological scriptures, such as Brihat Parasarahora Shastra, Sarvartha Chintamani, and Phala Deepika, among others, and combine them in our digital library. This allows our astrologers to obtain comprehensive answers to your horoscope-specific queries and craft detailed reports with contemporary interpretations.

Horoscope Casting Diamond Package

Horoscope Casting Diamond Package

What’s Included in the Horoscope Casting – Diamond Package?

  1. In-depth Panchanga predictions
  2. Thorough calculations for Rasi Chakra, Sudarshana Chakra, Upagrahas, Jaimini System, and more
  3. Comprehensive analysis charts, including positional interpretation, planetary friendship chart, and dosha checks
  4. Detailed Bhava predictions, covering all 12 houses
  5. Elaborate Dasa and Bhukti predictions
  6. Remedial measures for birth star, dasa, and various doshas, including karmic solutions, lifestyle, and rituals
  7. In-depth analysis and remedies for Kuja, Rahu, and Ketu doshas
  8. Transit forecasts for Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu
  9. Favourable periods for career, marriage, business, and house building

How is Vedicology Different?

Our Horoscope Casting – Diamond Package is designed for clarity and transparency. We reference ancient astrological scriptures, ensuring that our predictions are fact-based and comprehensive. We refrain from confusing or fancy language, focusing solely on providing our clients with clear, actionable insights based on Jyotish principles.

What’s Not Included in the Diamond Package?

The Diamond Package offers extensive horoscope casting, analysis, and prediction based on ancient scriptures. While it includes remedial measures, it does not provide the option for seeking queries on your horoscope or in-depth commentaries by astrologers on chosen topics. This package is perfect for those looking for guidance and a future roadmap.

Pricing and Delivery

The custom-made Horoscope Casting – Diamond Package costs INR 5,000, plus applicable GST of 18%. You will receive your in-depth diamond horoscope report within 10 working days.

How Do Astrological Remedies Work?

Vedicology believes that planets are powerful astral energies that affect our astral body. Their influences create a pattern in our aura, attracting similar energies. Remedies manage or change these astral influences, creating a protective shield.

Effects of Planets on Human Beings

Effects of Planets on Human Beings

Alternative Options

For budget-conscious clients, we offer a computer-generated horoscope for INR 1,250. Note that this option only includes a report, without provision for clarifications or queries.

Discover the divine plan for your life with Vedicology’s Horoscope Casting – Diamond Package today.

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Exceptional Client Reviews & Accolades

For seven consecutive years, Vedicology has proudly held the title “Best Astrologer in Chennai” and featured in the “Top 10 Astrologers in India” list. Our world-class numerology services have also earned us the distinction of being the “Best Numerologist in Chennai” and among the “Top 5 Numerologists in India” since 2017. Our vastu consultation services are highly regarded throughout the country.

Based on glowing customer feedback from around the globe, Vedicology is recognized as the “Best Vastu Consultant” in Chennai and among the “Top 10 Vastu Consultants” in India. “Three Best Rated,” a highly respected online rating agency, has honoured us as one of Chennai’s top three astrologers, numerologists, and vastu consultants. Our commitment to excellence has kept us in the “best three” category from 2017 through 2023.

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