Ketu Transit 2023 – Rahu Ketu Peyarchi

Ketu Transit 2023 – Rahu Ketu Peyarchi

Ketu is an imaginary but powerful planet and once it moves throughout the houses, its effects could be felt far and wide. Rahu gives obsession for material possessions having to do with the house where it sits so its impact can’t be felt up to Ketu because Ketu takes away what Rahu gives. But, we should realize that what Rahu provides isn’t permanent happiness. Ketu transit 2023 is also known as Ketu Peyrachi or Rahu Ketu Peyarchi in Tamil. In Hindi its also known as Rahu Ketu Gochar.

Rahu Ketu transit is a very important event in Vedic astrology. Vedicology provides detailed Ketu transit 2023 or Ketu Peyarchi reports. The Rahu Ketu transit report is either provided as part of your horoscope or as a separate report in case you want it that way.

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Vedicology provides Ketu transit 2023 prediction reports as part of the horoscope casting and analysis report or as a separate report. Vedicology Platinum Horoscope report

Ketu Transit 2023 effects on various houses

Rahu and Ketu spend almost 18 months in a sign, which explains exactly why their transit is so important in astrology. Ketu is regarded as a malefic planet because it gives negative results in many houses including 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th. Nonetheless, in 3rd, 6th and 11th, it brings positive results also. Rahu Ketu Peyarchi reports are one of the keenly analysed reports. Given below are the consequences of Ketu while moving through different houses.

1. Ketu transits the 1st house

Ketu Peyarchi or Ketu Transit 2023 effects on Ketu moving into the first house.

When Ketu transits into the first home from natal Moon, native starts to experience some mental tensions and health moves downhill to some extent. This is a period as soon as your investment increases and savings decrease. You should avoid taking a loan at this time. This transit specifically affects your brain. Some confusion persists in life together with mistakes in wedded life. The native’s social reputation also suffers during this period. Rahu Ketu transit is for a period of 18 months.

2. Ketu moves into the 2nd house

Ketu Transit or Ketu Peyarchi 2023 effects of Ketu moving into the second house.

If Ketu transits to the 2nd home from natal Moon, it affects one’s financial prospects. The fiscal state remains vulnerable due to the possibility of loss. Expenses are also very likely to take up throughout this time. The native should be very careful about theft and keep his house and belongings secure. Some mental disorders could possibly strike on account of the positioning of Ketu. It’d be better not to ignore any attention or anxiety-related problems. During this time, you may develop a tendency to indulge in unwanted conversations. Try to avoid behaving harshly as it could engender conflicts with your partner. Ketu Peyarchi into the second house is tough.

3. Ketu moves into the 3rd house

Ketu Transit or Ketu Peyarchi 2023 significance of Ketu moving into the third house.

When Ketu moves into the third house from where natal Moon has been set up, a comparatively easy interval begins. The native might enjoy some financial gains too. Odds of advancement on the job front increase. The native might find plenty of acclaim and fame in society. Frequent travels take place as well. This is a good period to perform well in schooling and land your dream job too. This is one of the few houses where Ketu turns out to be a benefit.

4. Ketu transit into the 4th house

Ketu Transit 2023 or Ketu Peyarchi results of Ketu moving into the 4th house.

Ketu transit to 4th house from natal Moon isn’t thought to be favourable in Vedic Astrology. You should be careful when driving. The health of the mother also becomes vulnerable during this period. Some financial changes persist, causing unnecessary psychological stress during this time. It isn’t the ideal period to travel either. Overall not a favourable transit.

5. Ketu’s journey into the 5th house

Ketu Transit or Ketu Gochar effects of Ketu moving into the 5th house.

If Ketu moves into 5th home from natal Moon, then it raises one’s cost. Native additionally experiences a lot of problems with children during this time. Some mental stress remains throughout. It’s not an opportune time to make new investments and you need to exercise extreme caution in money matters also. Overall, this time period brings lots of ups and downs in life.

6. Ketu transit into the 6th house

Ketu Peyarchi 2023 or Ketu Gochar significance of Ketu moving into the 6th house.

When Ketu transits into 6th home from natal Moon, your own job life starts to improve. This is a great time to get success in contests. Career progresses and you also get success over opponents. The financial position also improves during this age. You may start to take interest in religious pursuits. However, health needs attention in this transit.

7. Ketu transit into the 7th house

Ketu transit 2023 or Ketu Peyarchi results of Ketu moving into the 7th house.

When Ketu moves into 7th house from natal Moon, the native will create many health problems. Native also feels pressured and distressed emotionally. A good deal of misunderstandings and confusion prevails in your married life too. You need to work towards curtailing expenses to maintain financing balanced.

8. Ketu moves into the 8th house

Ketu Gochar or Ketu Peyarchi effects of Ketu moving into the 8th house.

Ketu’s transit into the 8th house from natal Moon doesn’t augur that nicely for a native. You should be extra cautious concerning health. Odds of regular fever and body aches might be there. Deficiency of reassurance and mental distress also persists until Ketu moves forward. This transit may also lead to defaming in society. You feel more inclined towards spirituality, which will be good to mitigate the negativity in this transit. Some wealth reduction is also possible in this period.

9. Ketu transit into the 9th house

Ketu Peyarchi 2023 significance of Ketu moving into the 9th house.

Ketu transit into 9th house from natal Moon, native might travel abroad or move for a religious trip. 9th house position of Ketu is not favourable for the native’s finances. The native can go through mental and physical distress during this time. You need to try to avoid any arguments with your kids and siblings to maintain a calm and cordial relationship.

10. Ketu movement into the 10th house

Ketu Gochar or Ketu Transit 2023 results of Ketu moving into the 10th house.

Ketu’s journey into 10th house from natal Moon can influence one’s wealth associated chances. You may also encounter some psychological distress because of recurrent issues in your life. Nonetheless, those in sales and marketing may experience some growth in this time. This is a good period for salaried individuals too. You should nevertheless be attentive and careful in your social life.

11. Ketu’s journey into the 11th house

Ketu transit 2023 or Ketu Peyarchi effects of Ketu moving into the 11th house.

When Ketu transits into 11th house from natal Moon, it brings gains and profits from the company. Any land and property deals also prove lucrative in this age. You can also begin your own business. Income remains satisfactory during the transit. Your children are most likely to get married at this time. In general, this is a good transit. In addition, you feel interested in meditation.

12. Ketu’s transit into the 12th house

The significance of Ketu Gochar or Ketu Peyarchi of Ketu’s movement into the 12th house.

Ketu at 12th home from natal Moon is not a positive placement for wedded life. You might experience some difficulties with the partner during this time. Expenditure also raises. However, this transit demonstrates great for spiritual improvement. There is however a chance of humiliation and defame too. You might get to travel overseas during this period however, you should not spend too or take a loan while the transit lasts.

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