Vastu For Factory or Industrial Vastu

Vastu For Factory or Industrial Vastu
by vedicologyindia

Industrial Vastu – Vastu For Factory, Small Scale Industries

Let us examine Vastu for factories, Industrial vastu and Vastu for small-scale industries. Industrial Vaastu includes cottage and small-scale, medium-sized, and large-scale industries. Most of these units are established within or on the city’s outskirts. In some cases, Industrial areas are developed by the government and sold to entrepreneurs. Now, let us look at the exact nature of the activity here. Any factory receives raw materials and produces the finished product. These products must be in line with the specifications and reach the end-user or consumer safely.

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Vedicology Vastu Consultants can help you identify the most auspicious factory site or place for small-scale industry. Industrial Vastu alignment is crucial for the well-being of any factory, small-scale industry or cottage industry. Our team can assist you through online consultation or telephone discussions.

Vastu For Factory

Vastu For Factory

Industrial Vastu Facts – Vastu-compatible industrial establishments have been known to prosper and earn fame.

The Vaastu rules are as follows for all industrial units:

  1. Heavy machinery should be located in the southwest.
  2. The residence of the guard should be in the north or the northwest.
  3. Material stores should be located in the southwest.
  4. The ideal place for industry materials is in the west.
  5. Water collection should be in the west, and electrical appliances should be kept in the southeast.
  6. Finished goods should be kept in the northwest direction. Raw material should be kept in the south order or alternately in the northeast, east, south, and west exposures.
  7. The ideal location for the Office block is in the east or the west.
  8. The reception should be in the northeast.
  9. The workshop for small-scale industries should be in the southwest. The furnace should be in the southeast or close to it.

Adherence to Vastu rules above will progressively increase the factory’s productive capacity and bring in the name and fame.

Vastu For Cottage and Small Industries

Small-scale industries are small units with limited workers and small machines. Even though they do not involve massive investment, setting these units up and running involves considerable capital. Usually, the finished goods cater to nearby towns and cities. Following Vaastu rules and performing Vaastu-related pujas on auspicious muhurtas will bring prosperity and growth. Vastu for factory, Industrial Vastu and Vastu for small-scale industry are extremely important in Vastu Shastra.

Industrial Vastu For Mills, Workshops and industries

Industries fulfil the needs of a nation. These are large-scale setups. Foreign investment and foreign income come into the country through this channel. Large industries add to the nation’s growth and prosperity. They employ technically skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled persons. Following Vaastu rules and performing Vaastu-related pujas on auspicious muhurtas will bring prosperity and growth. Contact us for Vastu for factory, Industrial Vastu and Vastu for small scale industries.

Vastu Consultation for Factory or Small Scale Industry

Vastu for Industries

Vastu for Industries

Vastu for Factory or Vastu for small scale industries consultation option is available via online or telephone. You can send us your blueprints and our team will connect with you over a call for an in-depth Vastu consultation. We also have options for direct personal consultations. Our team can visit the site and advise you on the most auspicious vastu alignment for your business.

In case you wish to avail the services of our founder Mr Praveen Saanker for direct consultation, you can talk to our team. We will be happy to organise the same for you. You can access Mr Praveen Saanker’s profile here.

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