Baby Naming Services by Vedicology

Baby Naming Services by Vedicology
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Unravelling the Power of Names with Vedicology: Baby Naming Services by Mr Praveen Saanker

Welcome to a unique journey where ancient wisdom meets the joy of parenthood. We at Vedicology introduce you to an enlightening process that combines Chaldean Numerology and Vedic Astrology, guiding you in choosing the perfect name for your little one – a name that resonates with their cosmic blueprint and vibrational essence.

15 Reasons on Why you should use the combination of Chaldean Numerology and Vedic Astrology to Name Your Baby

The Chaldean Numerology Advantage 

Chaldean Numerology, deeply rooted in ancient wisdom, offers profound insights into the vibrational essence of numbers. Its interpretations extend beyond simple number-letter correlations. Instead, it aligns each digit with specific planetary energies, reflecting an individual’s personality and potential.

Our Baby Naming Services with Vedicology harness the power of Chaldean Numerology to align your baby’s name with their unique vibrational essence. We believe that this alignment can positively influence their life journey, fostering balance, growth, and success.

Baby Naming Services

Baby Naming Services

The Wisdom of Vedic Astrology in Naming

Often regarded as the finest method for naming, Vedic Astrology delivers a holistic and nuanced approach. It delves into the celestial blueprint at the time of birth, offering comprehensive insights into the individual’s life path, potential, and challenges.

The Vedicology Baby Naming service taps into the profound connections drawn by Vedic Astrology between celestial bodies and human experiences. We identify an individual’s most favourable planetary influences, ensuring a name that harmoniously aligns with these energies. A name chosen through our Vedic Astrological principles can positively resonate with an individual’s astrological composition.

Our process, guided by Mr Praveen Saanker, involves a comprehensive approach to baby naming, combining the ancient wisdom of Chaldean Numerology and Vedic Astrology. This holistic approach ensures that your baby’s name aligns harmoniously with its unique vibrational essence and astrological blueprint, setting the stage for a life of balance, prosperity, and success.

Why Consult Sri Praveen Saanker for naming your Baby?

Baby Naming By Vedicology

Baby Naming By Vedicology

Our Unique 5-Step Approach to Naming

Step 1: Your Initial Consultation with Mr Praveen Saanker

Your journey begins with a discussion with Mr Praveen Saanker. You’ll share your expectations and desires for your baby’s name during this initial consultation. This mutual understanding forms a critical foundation for naming, ensuring that the chosen name reflects your aspirations and aligns with your baby’s unique celestial and numerological imprint.

Step 2: Auspicious Starting Sound Selection

The second step involves deep astrological analysis to identify the most promising starting sound for your baby’s name. In the realm of Vedic astrology, the starting sound of your baby’s name is of immense significance, forming a sound vibration that can influence their destiny.

Our expert astrologers and numerologists meticulously follow astrological guidelines, considering your baby’s birth star (‘Nakshatra’) and zodiac sign (‘Rasi’), to ensure the chosen starting sound for your baby’s name resonates harmoniously with their unique celestial energies.

The sounds belonging to the birth star and the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 9th stars from the birth star are considered highly auspicious for beginning a person’s name. Our experts meticulously follow these guidelines to ensure the name you choose for your baby resonates with their unique celestial alignment.

Just as certain sounds attract beneficial energies, others should be avoided. Astrological wisdom advises steering clear of the sounds related to stars falling in the 3rd, 5th, and 7th positions from the birth star, as these are considered inauspicious. Additionally, one should avoid the sounds of stars falling in the Eighth Rasi from the birth Rasi.

How to Choose an Auspicious Starting Sound for Naming

Step 3: Identifying the Most Beneficial Planets

Every planet and celestial body, as per Vedic Astrology, carries a unique energy and vibrational frequency, influencing various aspects of our lives, from our personality to our destiny. The third step in our naming process involves a detailed examination of these celestial influences in your baby’s life.

Beneficial Planet Analysis

Beneficial Planet Analysis

1. Creating Your Baby’s Natal Chart: To begin with, our expert astrologers construct your baby’s natal chart, a detailed map of the sky at the precise moment and location of your baby’s birth. This chart is a celestial snapshot, revealing the position of all the planets in the zodiac.

2. Analysing Planetary Positions and Relationships: Next, our astrologers thoroughly analyse the planetary positions in the natal chart. They evaluate the relationships between the planets, studying aspects (the angles planets make to each other), conjunctions (planets in the same zodiac sign), and houses (areas of life affected by the planets).

3. Identifying Beneficial Planets: Different planets offer varying influences depending on their positions in the natal chart. Some planets bring prosperity, happiness, and success, while others could present challenges. Our astrologers identify the most beneficial planets in your baby’s chart. These planets are well-positioned, strong, and have harmonious relationships with other celestial bodies.

4. Considering Future Planetary Transits: Astrology is not only about the moment of birth. Future planetary movements, or transits, also significantly impact our lives. Our astrologers consider these future transits, analysing how they interact with the natal chart’s planets and points, which helps predict how your baby’s life might unfold.

5. Aligning Name With Beneficial Planetary Energies: Finally, this detailed astrological analysis guides the selection of your baby’s name. We ensure that your baby’s name resonates harmoniously with the beneficial planetary energies identified in their chart. This alignment is believed to attract the positive vibrations of these beneficial planets, supporting your baby’s well-being, growth, and success throughout life.

How to Choose the Most Beneficial Planet for Naming ?

Step 4: Crafting the Perfect Name for Your Baby

With the beneficial starting sound and planetary influences identified, the fourth step involves crafting a name unique to your baby’s astrological and numerological blueprint.

The true uniqueness of a name lies not just in its novelty but in its special resonance with your child’s individuality and potential. Your child’s name will be a positive affirmation and guide throughout their life, echoing the profound cultural and spiritual heritage of ancient wisdom.

What do you mean by Unique Names

Baby Naming By Vedicology

Your Baby is Unique and so is the name

Step 5: Comprehensive Name Analysis Report

Once a name has been selected, our numerologists craft a comprehensive Name Significance Report for your baby. This report covers essential numerological elements, significant years, auspicious factors, and core characteristics. The report also evaluates your baby’s financial prospects, beneficial house numbers, appropriate career paths, auspicious colours, ideal vehicle numbers, and potential health concerns based on the chosen name and other numerological factors.

Embark on Your Baby Naming Journey with Sri Praveen Saanker

With these five steps, we make the process of naming your baby a comprehensive, enlightening, and rewarding experience. Experience the benefits of a personalized and comprehensive approach that ensures your baby’s name resonates with their unique energies and supports their well-being, growth, and success.

Auspicious Name for Your Baby

Auspicious Name for Your Baby

Get Started Today

Make the first step toward ensuring your baby’s harmonious and prosperous life. Experience the power of a name chosen with the wisdom of Vedic Astrology and Chaldean Numerology. Trust in the expertise of Mr Praveen Saanker and the Vedicology team. Get started today!

Guidelines for Selecting a Baby-Naming Advisor

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