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Study Room Vastu

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Study Room Vastu

The study room, as the name suggests, is a quiet and confined place to study. This is where one sits peacefully and concentrates on their studies or respective work. Having a study room or at least a study table ensures excellent productivity. Hence, this room should exist at a proper place and direction according to study room vastu tips. Let us explore this topic in greater depth and understand why the following vastu for study room is essential. Vedicology Vastu consultants can help you on various aspects of study room vastu.

Why Is Proper Placement for a Study Room Important?

Study Rooms are a crucial part of anyone’s house. They are the place where one spends time trying to work on their respective objectives. Whether it is studying for an 8th-grade exam or whether it is working on their new company, it starts here. Ensuring vastu for study room is extremely important here, and Vedicology vastu consultants can mentor you.

The vibration in this room creates unseen noise, making it unpleasing. All the more if the directions of books or the study table are appropriately placed, then this room will always give you peace and knowledge. Hence following the vastu is extremely helpful in our lives. Doing this with the guidance of Vedicology Vastu consultants is always a delightful experience.

Ignoring and not following the vastu for the study room will have its consequences. You will experience days and nights where you just can’t concentrate. You may even experience days when there’s barely any productivity. But this can turn upside down with the help of Vedicology Vastu consultants. Yes, you heard that, right! We have senior professionals with immense knowledge and expertise.

Vastu Tips

If you are in the process of creating the study room of your house, then this is definitely for you. Even if you plan to make it in the future, the following details about the vastu of study room are needed. The following has small details with regards to the vastu for a study room and you must know them. Because it is always advisable to know details to have a happier and healthier house. They are:

Location As Per Study Room Vastu:

    • The study room should remain either in the Northeast, East, or the Western corner of the house.
    • Always remember that a beam should never run above your head while studying in the study room.
    • One should always prefer not to have the toilets in the study room. However, bathrooms are adequate. These details are in sync with study room vastu tips.

Direction For The Study Room:

    • The children or other occupants sitting in the study room must face towards the East or the North while studying.
    • The study room should be well lit. One should not face a blank wall or a window while studying.

Book Shelf And Study Table As Per Vastu :

    • The book rack should exist on the Southern or the Western wall of the room.
    • The bookshelf should never place in such a manner that it is above the study table as per study room vastu tips.
    • The shape of the study table should either be square or rectangle. Refrain from going for any other shape.
    • The size of the study table should not occur too big or too small. Try to keep it average.
    • For further clarification, the proportion of the length width should not exceed more than 1:2.

Display Items As Per Vastu Of Study Room:

    • The study room can have images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati. This is considered extremely auspicious.
    • If the learner makes use of the Table lamp, then try and keep the lamp in the Southeast corner of the desk.
    • One can even keep a pyramid near the study table as it balances the energy and increases memory power.
    • A pendulum watch should ideally exist on the Northern wall of the room. It is a good sign.
    • The windows should remain larger on the eastern side and smaller on the western side of the room. Always strive to achieve this as it’s favourable as per Vedicology Vastu Consultants.

Colour Schematics Of The Study Room:

  • Use light or a neutral colour scheme for ensuring vastu compatibility of the study room in your house.
  • This will ensure better learning power and better productivity of the kids or your children.

Vastu For Study Room Dictates One’s Productivity

We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu for study room. The Vastu consultation of a study room involves a thorough analysis of the following pointers:

  • Proper location of the study room in the house
  • The entrance direction of the study room
  • Direction and proper placement of the study table.
  • Appropriate direction to face while studying or working in the room.
  • The apt direction and placement of the bookshelf as per the vastu of study room.
  • The placement of AC, cooler, audio systems, if any, in the study room.
  • Placement and direction of the telephone or other communication equipment.
  • Other things to keep in the study room according to study room vastu tips.
  • The colour scheme and combination of the room.

It would help if you made sure that for whom the study room is built, it benefits them. Isn’t it? Well, it is significant that you study the Vastu of study room carefully before finalising the plan. If you alone do not possess that much time or knowledge, then seek help. Take external help from Vedicology Vastu Consultants. There are rules for furniture, lighting, study table, bookshelf, etc. And you need to follow them in the optimum manner. Make sure you do not delay this or ignore this because it is an essential part of the house. Approach Vedicology Vastu Consultants nearest to you and take your first step today.

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