Kitchen Vastu FAQs

Kitchen Vastu FAQs
by vedicologyindia

Kitchen Vastu FAQs

When it comes to the kitchen, this area of a home is considered extremely important in Vastu Shastra as it is associated with the element of fire and the health of the occupants. Here are some of the most common Vastu questions that people tend to ask regarding their kitchens:

What is the best location for the kitchen, according to Vastu?

As per Vastu, the southeast corner of the house is considered the most ideal for the kitchen because it’s associated with the fire element. If that’s impossible, the northwest corner is the next best choice.

 Where should the cooking stove be placed in the kitchen?

The cooking stove should ideally be placed in the southeast direction of the kitchen. The person cooking should face east.

Kitchen Cooking Area

Kitchen Cooking Area

What direction should the kitchen door face?

Ideally, the kitchen door should face the north, east, or northeast direction.

Where should the sink and water elements be placed in the kitchen?

Water elements such as sinks, taps, and dishwashers should be in the northeast part of the kitchen, to balance the fire element.

Where should the refrigerator be placed in the kitchen?

The refrigerator can be placed in the southeast, south, west, or north direction. It’s best to avoid the northeast corner.

Which colours are recommended for the kitchen, according to Vastu?

Bright and warm colours such as red, orange, pink, brown, or yellow are often recommended for kitchens.

 Where should the exhaust fan or chimney be located?

The exhaust fan or chimney should ideally be installed in the east or north direction in the kitchen.

What is the best direction for windows in the kitchen?

Windows should ideally be placed on the east side of the kitchen.

Kitchen Windows and Ventilation

Kitchen Windows and Ventilation

Where should the storage for food and grains be located in the kitchen?

Grains and other food items should ideally be stored in the west or south direction of the kitchen.

Is it acceptable to have a kitchen on the second floor of a house?

Generally, it’s recommended to avoid having the kitchen on the second floor. The kitchen is associated with fire, and placing it above ground level might symbolize instability.

Is it advisable to have a toilet adjacent to the kitchen?

No, as per Vastu, toilets should not share a wall with the kitchen. They should not be placed adjacent to or directly above or below the kitchen.

Where should the microwave be placed in the kitchen?

A microwave is an appliance related to the fire element, so it should ideally be placed in the southeast of the kitchen.

Can the kitchen be in the front of the house?

Generally, kitchens are not recommended to be in the front of the house or close to the main entrance. They’re typically best situated towards the back of the home.

Can there be a bedroom next to the kitchen?

It’s best to avoid having a bedroom directly next to the kitchen due to the differing energies of these spaces.

Can the kitchen be placed under a staircase?

As per Vastu, kitchens should not be placed under a staircase. The constant movement over the kitchen can disturb the energy of the area.

Where should one place a dining table in the kitchen?

If space allows, a dining area in the kitchen is considered good. The dining table can be ideally placed in the northwest or west side of the kitchen.

What is the ideal shape for a kitchen?

A square or rectangular shape is considered most auspicious and beneficial for the kitchen. Irregular shapes should be avoided.

Ideal Kitchen Shape

Ideal Kitchen Shape

What direction should the gas cylinder be placed in?

The gas cylinder should be placed in the southeast corner of the kitchen. The stove should be placed such that when a person cooks, they face towards the east.

Where should the washing machine be placed in the kitchen?

If you need to place a washing machine in the kitchen, it’s suggested that it be placed in the northwest corner of the kitchen.

Where should the mixer grinder be placed in the kitchen?

Like other electronic appliances connected to fire, the mixer grinder should ideally be placed in the southeast corner of the kitchen.

Can I have a kitchen and living room together as per Vastu?

According to Vastu, the kitchen and living room can share the same space as long as they are well defined and the kitchen area is in the southeast corner of the space.

Where should the electrical appliances be placed in the kitchen?

Electrical appliances should be placed in the southeast corner of the kitchen as this direction is associated with the fire element.

Where should the kitchen clock be placed?

The clock in the kitchen should be placed on the south or southwest wall, facing north or northeast.

Can I have black granite in the kitchen?

According to Vastu, black should be avoided as it absorbs and retains a lot of heat which can negatively impact the residents’ well-being. Light colours are preferred.

Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen Countertop

Can the kitchen be placed next to a puja room or prayer room?

The kitchen should ideally not be directly next to the puja room as the energies of these two spaces are considered incompatible.

Where should I hang pictures or paintings in the kitchen?

You can hang pictures or paintings on the north or east walls of the kitchen. However, avoid displaying images that depict violence, sadness, or aggressive animals.

Can a kitchen be placed under a beam?

As per Vastu, having a kitchen under a beam is not recommended as it is believed to create stress and health problems.

Can the kitchen be placed next to the garage?

The kitchen can be placed next to the garage as long as the kitchen is in the southeast or northwest direction of the house.

Where should the broom be kept in the kitchen?

The broom should be kept in the southwest direction of the kitchen and not be visible. It’s believed to repel negative energies.

Can a kitchen have a skylight or roof window?

Yes, a kitchen can have a skylight or roof window. Natural light is generally considered good in Vastu as it promotes positivity and well-being. However, it’s best to have it in the east to allow the morning sunlight in.



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