Saturn Transit 2023 or Sani Peyarchi 2023

Saturn Transit 2023 or Sani Peyarchi 2023

Saturn transit 2023 is a significant event in Vedic Astrology. Astrologers across the world assign much importance to Saturn transit. Saturn Transit 2023, Saturn Transit, Sani Peyarchi 2023, Sani Peyarchi is unique and special in many ways.

Saturn will spend around 2-1/2 years in each zodiac sign. So Saturn takes about 28-29 years to come to a full circle.a

Vedicology provides Saturn transit 2023 prediction reports as part of the horoscope casting and analysis report or as a separate report.

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Vedicology reports explaining the role of Saturn in your life.

Be aware that Saturn’s role is to crystallize, ground, and solidify you as a person. Generally, the impact of Saturn transiting a house is felt more in the first part of its transit through the house and when it forms aspects to natal planets. Towards the close of its journey through the house, the native tends to have gained improved understanding–experience, if you will–with the effects.

Saturn’s motion by transit through the homes acts to aid us in learning to rely on ourselves in different areas of life. At first, we generally feel thwarted or unsupported by the external world in particular areas of life ruled by the home. However, by the end of the transit, we’ll have learned to search within ourselves for assistance.

Saturn helps us learn great lessons through the experience of the transit. Vedicology Saturn transit report explains your essential takeaways.

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Vedicology Saturn Transit Report 2023

Generally, we cope with self-confidence difficulties as Saturn moves through the firehouses (the very first, fifth, and ninth). We wonder how those issues have influenced our lives and our productivity. Through the earth houses (the second, sixth, and tenth), we face problems of self-worth and efficacy. We assess our relationships with others throughout the air houses (the third, seventh, and eleventh). We understand that relying on ourselves is a better option than our expectations from people around us. Saturn helps us challenge our mental outlook and teach us some valuable lessons. Through the water houses (the fourth, eighth, and twelfth), we reevaluate our inner belief systems of religion, our relation to the end, and our psychological workings. Sani Peyarchi 2023, Sani Peyarchi is unique and special in many ways.

Saturn’s transit through various houses

Saturn is a massive planet, farthest from earth compared to other planets in the cosmic realm. It’s one of the most feared planets in astrology because it is associated with restrictions, challenges, denial and delay. In rest of the homes out of natal Moon, i.e. 1st, 2nd,4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th, it’s ordinarily malefic.

1. Saturn’s journey into 1st house

Saturn Transit 2023 or Sani Peyarchi 2023 through the first house significance.

When Saturn moves to the first house from natal Moon, it marks the beginning of the next phase of Sade Sati. Sade sathi is the 7 1⁄2 years period of Saturn, which is deemed hard in Vedic Astrology). With the onset of the transit, you may observe that lady luck has turned a blind eye to your efforts. You would begin feeling lonely and rejected. Important matters could get postponed. This period also affects your health negatively. You may not feel as brave and confident as before. What you want the most during that time is emotional security and help of loved ones to maintain depression and disappointment at bay. Sani Peyarchi 2023 or Sani Peyarchi is unique and special in many ways. Get in touch with us for a complete report.

2. Saturn movement to 2ndhouse

Sani Peyarchi 2023 results of Saturn travelling to the second house.

If Saturn transits into the next house from natal Moon, it marks the beginning of the following and last phase of Sade Sati. Your mind keeps wandering, and you will struggle to become at peace. You ought to be cautious about your relationship with the partner. Harder work is needed in the end in livelihood matters too. Some financial hiccups might be there too, so one should stay ready for this phase. You might need to stay away from your native place at this time. You may also indulge in conflicts with sisters and seniors. This is essentially a time to cut down cost and keep cordiality with loved ones. Otherwise, that heavy-heart feeling will keep you bothered throughout.

3. Saturn Transit to 3rdhouse

Sani Peyarchi 2023 outcome for Saturn travelling into the third house.

When Saturn transits to third home in natal Moon, it starts favouring the native because Sade Sati is over now. The confidence you had missing would make a comeback in your persona. You would achieve decent success in life in this period. You might start a company or find a brand new job. Property matters also wind up in your favour and leave a good profit. You feel a lot happier and better now. Enemies struggle to attract any harm for you. Happiness also prevails in family life. Sani Peyarchi 2023, Sani Peyarchi is unique and a special event. Get to know how it affects you.

4. Saturn’s journey to 4th house

Saturn Transit 2023 results for Saturn moving into the fourth house.

Saturn’s transit into the fourth house from natal Moon is known as the span of “Saturn’s dhaiyya”. This could create some financial ups and downs. Odds of injury also form so you should be careful. You might have to incur a reduction in property issues too. Conflicts and arguments increase at both the work front and home. The path to success is no longer smooth; much hard work goes into attaining visions. Litigation issues also crop up throughout this time. Here is the time to be patient and keep in head stable, so you’re able to face competition. Saturn Transit 2023, Saturn Transit, Sani Peyarchi 2023, Sani Peyarchi could be critical in this house.

5. Saturn Transit to 5th house

Sani Peyarchi 2023 highlights for Saturn’s journey into the fifth house.

With the onset of Saturn transit into 5th house from natal Moon, you begin experiencing problems with partner and business partner. Something or another keeps you upset. This isn’t a reasonable period for children either. You should stay patient and robust to sail through this transit. Any speculation or investment in the stock exchange is avoidable for now. Sani Peyarchi 2023, Sani Peyarchi can be tight for this house, but learn how to benefit from this.

6. Saturn moving to 6th house

Saturn Transit 2023 results for Saturn’s journey into the sixth house.

With Saturn transit to the sixth house in natal Moon, a much better period transpires. You begin to obtain victory over enemies and opposition. Your opponents in the company fall far behind in the race. Health also remains enjoyable throughout. Your connection with family members and relatives also becomes sweeter. New opportunities also open up in livelihood, bringing an increase in income. Your nearest and dearest would be very supportive and compassionate to you during this age.

7. Saturn Transit to 7th house

Saturn Peyarchi 2023 outcome for Satun’s movement into the seventh house.

If Saturn transits to house from the natal Moon, it creates disturbances in wedded life. You should make serious efforts to prevent separation. Although this period is eloquent for salaried people, some issues in business matters persist. Your view may not match with a business partner, which could create trouble. However, you need to realize this interval demands patience and hard labour.

8. Saturn Transit to 8th house

Sani Peyarchi 2023 significance for Saturn’s journey into the eighth house.

If Saturn transits to the eighth house from natal Moon, then it majorly affects your health since 8th house is related to longevity. Chances of surgery or hospitalization could form for some. You may not get the desired support from your friends at this time. Some battles could arise together in reality. Minor hiccups would be present in work-life too. You shouldn’t sing your desire but instead, work more difficult. This would also help you keep your current occupation. Saturn Transit 2023, Saturn Transit, Sani Peyarchi 2023, Sani Peyarchi is unique and a special event. Get to know how it affects you.

9. Saturn Transit into 9thhouse

Sani Peyarchi 2023 results for Saturn’s transit into the ninth house.

You may change your work frequently in this period. Chances of long-distance journeys could form too during this age. To maintain peace of mind, you should knowingly practice the path of spirituality. You might feel that the job market to be very aggressive too. Some issues with children and spouse may also persist.

10. Saturn Transit into 10thhouse

Sani Peyarchi 2023 highlights for Saturn’s journey into the 10th house.

If Saturn transits to the tenth house from natal Moon, you can face some problems at the office. It’d be better to prevent any discussions with the boss during this period. You also ought to work towards resolving any gaps with a partner. Your expenses may surpass income throughout the transit, so be very careful. The mark you have made in your social circle would seem to fade away now. You may feel helpless due to the duties you’re carrying in your shoulders. You also need to care for your mother’s health during this period. Saturn Transit 2023, Saturn Transit, Sani Peyarchi 2023, Sani Peyarchi can be tight for this house, but learn how to benefit from this.

11. Saturn Transit into 11thhouse

Sani Peyarchi 2023 results for Saturn’s transit into the eleventh house.

It is positive in all conditions. There would be ample financial gains to pay up previous losses. Your relationship with spouse and all loved ones remain cordial in this time. A whole lot of respite in health issues is perceived as well. You may take part in an auspicious event during this transit. Additionally, this is a favourable period for job prospects. You would be able to topple any opposition or contest.

12. Saturn Transit into 12thhouse

Sani Peyarchi 2023 significance for Saturn’s travel into the twelfth house.

You will experience challenges in your life. You might feel like you have fallen short of attempts. Reduction in business could be there too. You might feel a lot distressed than before. It would be better to remain calm and avoid making any major decisions during this period. Your union could rock so better maintain cordiality and compassion in your connection to foster understanding. You also need to avoid any unsuccessful travels. Saturn Transit 2023, Saturn Transit, Sani Peyarchi 2023, Sani Peyarchi can be difficult, but learn how to manage this better.

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