Gemstone Recommendation –Horoscope Remedies

Gemstone Recommendation Services –Horoscope Remedies

Gemstones are among the most potent remedial tools astrologers have ever known. The ancient scriptures, multiple cultures, and countries have vouched for the effectiveness of Gemstone remedies. During ancient times, Kings, Queens, and influential individuals have used these remedial measures.

In India, Rishi Parashara’s “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra”, Varah Mihira’s “Brihat Samhita,” Puranas, Epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana has references of gemstone remedies. In other cultures, the Greek Literature and the Bible have references to Gemstone remedies.

What is the force behind Gemstones?

Gemstones are mediums that transport the energy of the planet

Gemstones are mediums that transport the energy of the planet, to the wearers’ body, to influence the chakras, nadis and other subtle energy centers of the human body and thus to move into the aura of the individual, enhancing his positive experiences.

How does Gemstone work on a person ?

This can be explained by an example. A Ruby absorbs and transmits Sun’s energy to the body of the person wearing it. This additional energy enters the body of the native increasing the energy of Sun inside him. Ruby captures energy from the Sun, transmits that energy into the body of the native, providing the power of the Sun. Thus a positive and weak Sun will acquire more energy through Ruby, boosting its effects on the native. As Sun gains strength, the native will benefit.

Same is the case of other planets. However, if a planet is negative, wearing the gem of that planet may cause adverse results. Gemstone for any planet can supply more energy to that planet and hence it may increase the potency of that planet in your physique.

Can a gemstone change the working nature of a planet?

A gemstone may not change the working nature of a planet – negative or positive. Hence choosing the right planet that needs strengthening is important. When you wear a gemstone that gives strength to the negative planet, it proves detrimental.

Hence it is of utmost importance that Gemstone should be worn only for the positive planets in your horoscope. This is called the Anukul Graha concept.

Mixed Planets and Gemstones

Apart from positive and negative planets, there are some planets that give mixed results, and hence, one has to watch out and identify them also.

For example, some planets may bring you professional success due to their nature but cause difficulties in your personal life.

Other may bring long life but financial losses.

What is Anukul Graha concept ?

Gem selection should be made only after a careful analysis of the lordship of houses and strength of the planets. The power of the most favorable planet should be judged from the shadbala table and the gem corresponding to the most favorable planet should be recommended.

Since gems do not have the ability to change the working nature of a planet its important to recommend the most beneficial planet and use the corresponding gem to increase the benefits of that plant.

This is called Anukul Graha concept.

Conclusion – Follow only the Anukul Graha Concept for gemstones

Astrologers at Vedicology would conduct a thorough analysis of your horoscope, gauge the strength of the planets using the “Shadbala” concept, and identify the most favorable planet that can be strengthened using a gemstone. It is essential to utilize the power of gemstones for favorable outcomes wisely. The results are to be determined by a competent astrologer and thorough analysis of your horoscope, the planets, and the results that you wish to have in life.