What is Astrology ?

What is Astrology ?

Astrology, across different cultures of the world, is the scientific research and application of the language of celestial bodies. These heavenly bodies, based on science and math, are mapped in the shape of a horoscope. Their precise places from the research signify happenings in the event of people, of multitudes and geographic areas. Whether the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the stars influence the terrestrial phenomena, or they indicate such happenings by their respective dispositions, is irrelevant. The most important thing to us is that variants in their mood determine variations in the events around the ground; the correlations are just too powerful to be thrown aside by the critics of astrology.

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What is Jyotish or Hindu Vedic Astrology?

“Jyotish,” the official Sanskrit name for Vedic astrology, is one of those six Vedangas, and is called the”eyes of the Vedas.” Vedic astrologers in India consider that Jyotish reflects the understanding of the light of consciousness. The term”Jyotish” signifies light, and its experience enables us to understand the connection between consciousness and matter and experience the subtle balance between predestination ( fate) and free will (karma).

Hence according to Vedicology India team and the most reputed astrologers in India, the horoscope presents a precise roadmap to one’s future.

Vedic Astrology explains that we are all beings of the “light,” and also the purpose of our own lives in this realm is to be aware of “we being the light” to permeate and coexist with the experience of the constraints of this comparative. As we enter the bodily condition, and the spirit joins the human body, a certain level of the experience of “being the light” comes along, but in various ways for different people.

Vedic Astrology or Jyotish has the fantastic power to inform us in beautiful detail what our exceptional Spectrum looks like, and where ignorance has blocked out particular colors from our key spectrum.